5 Reasons to Draft Coby Fleener in Your Fantasy Football League

Chris Trapasso@ChrisTrapassoAnalyst IAugust 3, 2012

5 Reasons to Draft Coby Fleener in Your Fantasy Football League

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    When the 2012 NFL draft began, everyone knew the Indianapolis Colts were taking Andrew Luck with the No. 1 overall pick—but would his college teammate and go-to target at Coby Fleener last under the start of Round 2? 

    Fortunately for the Colts, he did, and they were able to pair the dynamic duo at the ground floor of their rebuilding process. 

    Many want to know the viability of Fleener in fantasy football this season. 

    Here are the five reasons why you should draft him this year. 

Andrew Luck Is His Quarterback

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    The most blatant reason to draft Coby Fleener in your fantasy league is because Andrew Luck will be throwing him passes this year. 

    The two combined for 34 receptions, 667 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2011. 

    The year before, Fleener reeled in 28 passes for 434 yards and seven scores from Luck. 

    The former Stanford Cardinal standouts already have a cerebral connection on the field, and you better believe the No. 1 overall pick will look for his familiar target early and often.  

He Has Great Keeper/Dynasty League Viability

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    Because he's only a rookie and is playing with Luck, they sky is the limit for Fleener in dynasty and keeper fantasy leagues. 

    If he accumulates decent statistics in 2011, expect him to improve on those in the years to come, when you'll be able to freeze him in the late rounds. 

    Fleener has the upside to become an elite fantasy option at his tight end position in the Colts offense with Luck throwing him passes. 

Bruce Arians' Past with Heath Miller

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    Bruce Arians is the Colts' new offensive coordinator and if the way he utilized Heath Miller during his tenure with the Steelers is any indication as to how he plans to use Fleener, the Colts tight end is undoubtedly worth drafting. 

    Miller never had less than 42 catches and 512 yards during Arian's time with Pittsburgh, and always remained an integral facet of the Steelers' offense. 

    Fleener's much more gifted athletically and as a runner than Miller, so there's a chance he'll be incorporated into Indianapolis' offense more than Miller ever was in the Steel City. 

Dwayne Allen's a Better Blocker

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    The fact that Dwayne Allen is a better blocker than Coby Fleener will actually benefit Fleener and his fantasy owners in the foreseeable future. 

    With the Colts reportedly looking to run two-tight end sets in 2012, Allen will likely be asked to stay in and pass protect more often than Fleener, allowing the former Cardinal star to get open for Luck down the field. 

    For those worried about Allen stealing some of Fleener's thunder, remember this. 

You Won't Have to Take a High Pick on Him

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    NFL.com has Fleener ranked as the No. 12 fantasy tight end for the 2012 season. 

    With 11 tight ends in front of him, you'll likely be able to selected Fleener in the mid-to-late rounds, which could potentially prove to be fantastic value for a guy that could end his rookie season with a respectable amount of catches and yards. 

    He'll be great in points-per-reception leagues.