1. Coby Fleener’s first career interception goes to lucky Colts fan | WTTV CBS4Indy https://t.co/Rs1pabRh5N

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  5. Coby Fleener Quiet In Victory Over Broncos

  6. So Coby Fleener - a tight end - has more interceptions than Landry - a safety - had in a Colts uniform. https://t.co/Zl5jpoq3vk

  7. Sidenote: epic fantasy battle going on. We have Fleener.. they have Gano/Stewart. Lead has changed hands 5 times in 4th and OT. GO FLEENER

  8. Coby Fleener's Eight-Yard Touchdown Catch From Andrew Luck This week's Film Breakdown: https://t.co/isBN5hd9yD https://t.co/Ji80AfP45l

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  11. ICYMI- Coby Fleener got an interception. Yes, TE @Coby Fleener. WATCH: https://t.co/OdS3pUIw3E https://t.co/R0dPoyOipx

  12. Huge plays from Moncrief, McAfee, Fleener, Jackson, Walden … the list goes on… https://t.co/z0zlq9DGO7

  13. Coby Fleener Finishes With 47 Yards Receiving

  14. Hear from Coby Fleener, Adam Vinatieri and Pat McAfee on today's win against Atlanta: https://t.co/V95qX8Nggh https://t.co/PlGNlQQ5tf

  15. #colts Coby Fleener with 1st INT. Gotta love it.

  16. Great to celebrate our win today w/ @jamiegraceh! She even helped @coby get his 1st interception.… https://t.co/jxfdxQd2GY

  17. . @Colts win all 4 phases of the game: offense, defense, special teams, and offense playing defense. TE @Coby ends it with a pick.

  18. Coby Fleener's first career interception. #Colts win. Unreal. They're 5-5.

  19. Coby Fleener doesn't know how to knock the ball down. LOL

  20. Grit. Colts 24, Falcons 21. Coby Fleener with 1st career INT. Go figure

  21. Coby Fleener just intercepted Matt Ryan to end the Colts-Falcons game. Yes, that Coby Fleener.

  22. #Colts pull out 24-21 win over Falcons, now 5-5, stay atop AFC South. Coby Fleener with INT on Hail Mary. Huge win.

  23. Coby Fleener makes the pick, and the #Colts come from 14 down to win on the road. #Colts

  24. I do get my fantasy points for the Fleener INT, yes @MatthewBerryTMR ?

  25. Coby Fleener standing on the goal line. Hail Mary time.

  26. Bradshaw with 2 scores as Gore, Hilton, Moncrief, Fleener owners bang their head against a wall. Repeatedly.

  27. Colts convert third-and-5. But, boy, it's a struggling. completion to Fleener

  28. Fleener out, Allen in for start of 2nd series

  29. Another bad start: Hasselbeck intercepted by Worrilow as Fleener appears to stumble.

  30. Miscommunication between Hasselbeck and Fleener results in an interception. Atlanta ball at Indy's 34

  31. Obvious miscommunication there. Fleener came back off route while Hasselbeck sailed pass to a different spot, interception. #Colts turnover.

  32. Ironic that Hasselbeck and Fleener aren't on the same page there -- they spent bye week throwing to each other in Florida.

  33. The Fleener Flow: https://t.co/yau2GVC4ea

  34. More Fleener: 11 for 92 & a TD in 2 Hasselbeck starts this yr. Avail in 65% of https://t.co/B59CVviUvd leagues

  35. Vs. IND, McCourty marked Hilton (10-yd catch on 3rd-12), Whalen (2/2, TD on final play), Dorsett (0/1), Fleener (1/3 7yds), Allen (1/1 9yds)

  36. Getting a little exercise w/ @coby. https://t.co/QapuPL0M8a

  37. Good defense by Fleener to prevent a possible pick, and then a flag across the field bails #Colts out.

  38. Another dangerous throw by Luck. Good defense by Fleener. #Colts

  39. #Colts are moving the ball but Luck has uncorked a couple interceptable throws here. Coby Fleener just bailed him out with some D.

  40. Pass defensed, Coby Fleener. Nice job

  41. Coby Fleener autographed mini-helmet could be yours! Who scores first in #DENvsIND? https://t.co/U5L9Y8vIW8 https://t.co/JzHp4WxzAp

  42. Hamilton is out, Chudzinski is in as #Colts offensive coordinator. Here's why Coby Fleener is now the man to watch. https://t.co/zZkFvqmerq

  43. Luck was passing to Fleener. Harper got an arm in there and Kuechly picked this one. Panthers ball at the 39