Ranking the Best Looking Nike Jerseys for 2012 NFL Season

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Ranking the Best Looking Nike Jerseys for 2012 NFL Season

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    As the 2012 NFL season is a month away, it's only a matter of time until the new NFL jerseys created by Nike will be on display. Each team will receive a different design by Nike, with some teams receiving more changes than others.

    Which of the new NFL jerseys are the most appealing to fans across the country? Do any of the jerseys stand out from the rest?

    Here is the ranking for the best NFL Nike jerseys.

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7. Oakland Raiders

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    The Oakland Raiders will begin the upcoming season with the same appearance that has made them famous throughout the history of the franchise.

    Known for their famous Silver and Black, Nike had no intentions of changing one of the more decorative uniforms in NFL history.

    Instead, Nike's added dimension to the jersey reinforces the idea of how relevant the Raiders are around the league.

6. Chicago Bears

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    The Chicago Bears continue to have one of the better looking uniforms in the NFL, as they have not attempted to change their look whatsoever.

    Their famous colors of blue and orange have carried for decades because they have represented this franchise during its greatest times.

    Don't fix what isn't broken, and in this case, Nike took that approach with the Bears' uniforms.

5. Buffalo Bills

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    The Buffalo Bills may have endured hard times with heartbreaking losses and disappointing seasons over the past decade. However, the Bills should be filled with excitement.

    Not only are the Bills a potential playoff contender, but the red, white, and blue colors are well represented in western New York.

    Nike's design of the players' shirts was well executed as they kept the long-standing tradition in Buffalo.

4. Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers are entering the second year of the Cam Newton era, which is filled with excitement as the franchise looks to make another positive step in the growth of the franchise.

    Certainly, the Panthers are unique regarding their choice of colors with the uniform design. The colors teal and black have stood out with this franchise since entering the NFL.

    Also, the combination of the silver helmets creates a very creative uniform that Nike made this off-season.

3. Detroit Lions

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    The Detroit Lions display a variety of colors in their uniform which makes their look stand out on Sundays.

    Overall, the combinations of blue and white have slightly changed over the years, but mostly for the best.

    With the Lions committed to building a consistent contender in Detroit, the team's current look fits the culture of its city.

    No player wants to see Ndamukong Suh in this uniform anytime soon. 

2. Denver Broncos

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    The Denver Broncos begin another era in the franchise's history. Peyton Manning is now the leader of the franchise and is the most successful quarterback to become a member of the Broncos since John Elway.

    Throughout the years, the colors of orange and blue have been a symbol of a franchise that has found success for decades while also being supported by one of the larger fan bases in the league.

    Although the Broncos have the same colors as the Bears, orange is the majority of the team's uniform while the blue helmets ultimately creates a perfect balance.

1. Green Bay Packers

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    Are there any NFL uniforms that are attached more to their franchise than the Green Bay Packers? The colors green and yellow have represented this longstanding franchise for decades as arguably the most successful franchise in NFL history.

    The yellow is the most notable color when referring to the Packers faithful, often regarded as "Cheeseheads." Green adds a special dimension to the uniforms by creating a good mix of colors on the Packers jerseys.

    Green Bay is arguably the most famous franchise in NFL history, and has the best uniforms to go along with it.