Philadelphia Phillies' 2012 MLB Trade Deadline: Shouldn't Wait Too Long to Deal

Zak SchmollAnalyst IJuly 29, 2012

PHILADELPHIA - JULY 21: Center fielder Shane Victorino #8 of the Philadelphia Phillies bats during a game against the San Francisco Giants at Citizens Bank Park on July 21, 2012 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Giants won 6-5. (Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images)
Hunter Martin/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Phillies are still open to trading Shane Victorino and other pieces, but we might be waiting right up until the MLB trade deadline to see if anything actually happens, according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports.

Even though there has been a lot of speculation regarding what the Phillies would do before the deadline, it seems like they don't have a definitive direction yet.

The Phillies have a lot of pieces that other teams might want, such as Shane Victorino, Hunter Pence or maybe even Cliff Lee; however, any of those trades would take a lot of work to pull off since they are big-name players.

If they wait right up until the trade deadline and decide to sell, you have to wonder how the market will look at that point.

For example, if the Phillies decide that they are looking to trade Cliff Lee, the Texas Rangers would be a very likely trade partner. Since the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim went big to grab Zack Greinke, the Rangers might want to do something to counter that.

Lee comes with a giant price tag that might scare many teams away. The Phillies could take on some of his salary, or a team like the Rangers could be willing to take it all on in hopes of making another World Series push.

Imagine, though, if the Rangers made a move for a big-time pitcher like Josh Johnson, for example. All of a sudden, one of the most attractive—and probably one of the only—trade partners for the Phillies in this situation would be off the market.

Waiting to find the right deal is great, but the Phillies need to make sure that they don't wait too long and force other teams to consider and possibly accept other offers.


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