Fantasy Football 2012: Red Flag Awareness for Tailbacks, Receivers, Tight Ends

Jay ClemonsFantasy Sports Lead WriterJune 28, 2012

Detroit's Calvin Johnson may be the NFL's undisputed top receiver, but he's hardly a lock for 96 catches or 1,681 receiving yards in 2012.
Detroit's Calvin Johnson may be the NFL's undisputed top receiver, but he's hardly a lock for 96 catches or 1,681 receiving yards in 2012.Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

As part of our ongoing evaluation of running backs, wide receivers and tight ends, let's appease the fantasy pessimists with a list of noteworthy statistical accomplishments or isolated red flags from last season that likely won't be repeated in 2012.

For a list of last week's green-light scenarios involving tailbacks, receivers and tight ends, click here.


Running Backs

  • Ray Rice: You shouldn't expect...15 total touchdowns
  • Maurice Jones-Drew: You shouldn't expect...1,606 rushing yards
  • Marshawn Lynch: You shouldn't expect...13 total touchdowns
  • Willis McGahee: You shouldn't expect...1,199 yards rushing
  • Adrian Peterson: You shouldn't expect...13 total touchdowns
  • Frank Gore: You shouldn't expect...1,211 rushing yards
  • Michael Bush: You shouldn't expect...1,395 total yards/eight TDs
  • Darren Sproles: You shouldn't expect...1,313 total yards/nine TDs
  • Cedric Benson: You shouldn't expect...1,067 rushing yards/six TDs
  • Chris Johnson: You shouldn't expect...57 catches/79 receiving targets
  • Pierre ThomasYou shouldn't expect...50 catches/425 receiving yards
  • Ben Tate: You shouldn't expect...942 rushing yards
  • Beanie Wells: You shouldn't expect...10 touchdowns


Wide Receivers

  • Calvin JohnsonYou shouldn't expect...96 catches/1,681 receiving yards
  • Jordy Nelson: You shouldn't expect...15 touchdowns
  • Wes WelkerYou shouldn't expect...122 catches/1,573 receiving yards
  • Laurent Robinson: You shouldn't expect...11 touchdowns
  • Steve Smith: You shouldn't expect...79 catches/1,394 receiving yards
  • Roddy White: You shouldn't expect...100 receptions/179 targets
  • Victor Cruz: You shouldn't expect...1,536 receiving yards/nine TDs
  • Nate Washington: You shouldn't expect...121 receiving targets
  • Reggie Wayne: You shouldn't expect...132 receiving targets
  • Nate BurlesonYou shouldn't expect...73 catches/110 receiving targets
  • Plaxico Burress: You shouldn't expect...eight touchdowns
  • Lance Moore: You shouldn't expect...eight touchdowns


Tight Ends

  • Rob Gronkowski: You shouldn't expect...1,327 receiving yards/18 total TDs
  • Jimmy Graham: You shouldn't expect...11 TDs/149 receiving targets
  • Tony Gonzalez: You shouldn't expect...80 catches/116 receiving targets
  • Jason Witten: You shouldn't expect...942 receiving yards
  • Brandon Pettigrew: You shouldn't expect...126 receiving targets
  • Jake Ballard: You shouldn't expect...38 catches/604 receiving yards
  • Kellen Winslow: You shouldn't expect...75 catches/121 receiving targets
  • Anthony Fasano: You shouldn't expect...five touchdowns


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