Jacksonville Jaguar Video: Jaguaring Proves to Be Far Worse Than Actual Team

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalSenior Writer IIMarch 28, 2017

I fear for humanity. 

We have been to the moon, erected skyscrapers with brilliant engineering and continue to amaze on every technological front. 

Yet we can be pretty damned stupid sometimes. 

Pardon my grumpy ass, but this is not my kind of silly. The Jacksonville Jaguars would like you to "Jaguar"—a practice that negates your chances of ever getting into any place cool if you do it...even once. 

They decided to get the world to Jaguar by releasing a two-minute instructional video of old farts and goofy people making like a nerded-up Jaguar and bending a knee. 

Oh, dear. 

I blame the cameraman. The person recording this fail must have been overwhelmed by the need to stop the camera and proclaim, "Whoa, this is more unnecessary than Mark Sanchez's trophy room."

Yet the camera continued to roll, and we now have the worst thing in the NFL—even more horrible than the actual Jaguars team. 

Consider that there was an actual meeting about this Jaguaring nonsense. Rack your brain on the fact that someone behind the scenes had what they considered an aha moment and put this little gem together. 

Imagine that this was the one bright idea he had in life:

"Hey, what was your one great idea?"

"I invented Jaguaring, and then life pretty much went down hill from there."

A moment of silence for this, people. 

If you see someone Jaguaring, walk the other way, because nothing good can be had by hanging out with that person. 


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