10 NFL Players with the Weirdest Endorsement Deals

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IJune 11, 2012

10 NFL Players with the Weirdest Endorsement Deals

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    Tom Brady knows that his bread is buttered by the New England Patriots, but his salary is heavily supplemented by endorsement deals. This goes for a number of players around the NFL

    The question is, how far are these mercenaries willing to go?

    There are some endorsement deals that are just plain weird. While the product association might be questionable, you can't help but applaud these players' bravado. 

Robert Griffin III and Castrol Oil

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    An advertising agency usually approaches a NASCAR driver (or a local mechanic) to pitch oil. 

    On a list of typical pitchmen, somewhere near the bottom is a rookie NFL quarterback.

    Maybe Robert Griffin III is a gearhead. Maybe Castrol Oil is convinced that he will be the next Peyton Manning so they jumped on the train early.

    Regardless, this is an odd pairing. 

Tom Brady and UGG Footwear

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    Football players are known for being tough. 

    UGG boots are known for caressing the feet of females between the ages of 10 and 35. 

    Not to say that women lack toughness. But when they are rocking UGGs, that toughness is not on display. 

    Tom Brady was willing to take the check despite the forthcoming ridicule. At least he can afford plenty of ear plugs.

DeMarcus Ware, Clay Matthews, Wes Welker and Depends

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    Convincing a trio of NFL veterans to shoot a commercial for adult diapers cannot be easy. 

    Depends knew that it would have to provide something extra to grab DeMarcus Ware, Clay Matthews and Wes Welker, so the company agreed to donate some big money to the Jimmy V Foundation.

    Their dedication to a good cause should be commended. Their ability to stay hip—not so much. 

Ray Lewis and the Snuggie

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    Ray Lewis is marketing his own version of the blanket with sleeves.

    The verdict: He's either a genius for exploiting a niche market or certifiably insane. 

    More than likely, he's a little of both.

    This one might not technically be an endorsement since it's his own product, but it's too good not to include. 

Steve Smith, Jake Delhomme and Bojangles Chicken

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    Steve Smith and Jake Delhomme hooked up for plenty of big plays during their time with the Carolina Panthers, but none were bigger than the commercial they shot for Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits. 

    Enjoy the cinematic epic that extols the virtues of the chicken and biscuits. 

Ndamukong Suh and Chrysler

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    Ndamukong Suh plays defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, a franchise owned by the Ford family. 

    Yes, that Ford family. You know, the one that owns a certain car company started by Henry Ford.

    While the NFL and Ford vehicles are two distinct business ventures, it's strange that Suh would be promoting a competing car company. 

Calvin Johnson and Acura

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    While we are on the subject.

Drew Brees and NyQuil

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    There's no one thing that makes me question the pairing of Drew Brees and NyQuil. Something just seems off. 

    Maybe it's because we expect elite NFL quarterbacks to lean more on Gatorade than cold medication.

    Oh well, at least NyQuil is better than a stronger alternative. I'm looking at you, JaMarcus Russell.  

Larry Fitzgerald and the University of Phoenix

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    To be fair, the University of Phoenix does not have a football team. Thus, Larry Fitzgerald did not turn his back on the Pittsburgh Panthers.

    The cool part of the deal is that Fitzgerald is both a promoter and a student.

    Inspiring others to further their education is great. Nonetheless, the practice of signing an endorsement deal for a school is uncommon.  

Tim Tebow and Presidential Candidates

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    Tim Tebow's popularity has soared to a level where former Republican presidential candidates were clamoring to receive an endorsement

    You read that correctly. Actual candidates to run the United States of America were hopeful that a certain backup quarterback would stand by their name. 

    The world has truly gone mad.