If The Kansas City Chiefs Trade Down... Where To?

Jordan LanningCorrespondent IFebruary 6, 2009

If the Chiefs were to trade down who would they trade with? Who would be willing to trade up to pay millions more than they would at their current positions?

You've got to go team by team and think of what they need and who they would draft in the three spot.

Let's say the Detroit Lions select Andre Smith out of Alabama, and then the St. Louis Rams selects Eugene Monroe out of Virginia. That would mean quarterback Matthew Stafford is still on the board.

I personally think the Chiefs would be stupid to pass on Stafford but lets say the Chiefs don't really want him and the San Francisco 49ers are willing to swap first-round picks and give them a couple other picks.

At No. 10 the Chiefs could either go after Mark Sanchez, the quarterback out of USC, or if Aaron Curry slides to No. 10 the Chiefs would get him. The Chiefs could also look at Rey Maualuga or go after the best available offensive lineman.

Another slight possibility would be the Minnesota Vikings.

They also need a quarterback, but they might be looking at Josh Freeman so they could stay at their current spot and not trade anything.

The point is it will be very hard for the Chiefs to trade the No. 3 pick. The 49ers are probably the prime candidates to trade with the Chiefs.

If the Chiefs stay where they are, and Matthew Stafford is still available, the Chiefs shouldn't even flinch and draft him.

Another prime candidate is outside linebacker Aaron Curry. Curry would fill that void at linebacker and would do so very well.

I also wouldn't complain if the Chiefs trade down and get Rey Maualuga. Maualuga would be a very good fit at middle linebacker.

Right now Scott Pioli and Todd Haley need to focus all of their attention to Julius Peppers and Albert Haynesworth.

If we could sign one of them, the Chiefs would improve greatly. You have no idea how badly the Chiefs could use a pass rusher like Peppers or Haynesworth.