Eagles Rookie Draft Pick Brandon Boykin: A Special Cornerback?

Leo PizziniAnalyst IJune 2, 2012

I'm usually a proponent of taller corners although they generally lack the re-directional fluidity of the smaller quicker types. And of course, it's all relative to the scheme. Regardless, Boykin is a unique kind of athletic freak who slipped in the draft because of his size and minor medical concerns.

Despite being 5'9", Boykin measures up with the best of them when factoring for his athleticism. His long arms and 36 inch vertical leap (rumored as high as 40") will more than supplement the few inches he gives up to the average corner. And his proportionally abnormal 10-inch hands make him a dangerous ball-hawk.

He's just not your typical 5'9" corner.

I say DRC should watch his back. Boykin could be one of the best steals of the 2012 draft. More likely, he will challenge Joselio Hanson for the nickel spot and could provide a spark in the return game.

I don't mean to build him up so high too soon—he's a rookie with some red flags. And Boykin is raw like any rookie, but still, his potential is an exciting possibility. He fits the nickel back role perfectly, he's cheaper and younger than Joselio, he's dangerous in coverage and he did a nice job stepping up against the run at Georgia. .

Hanson has been a decent slot corner for the Eagles, but Boykin could be a next level nickel player or better. We'll have to wait and see where his head is at.

With Nnamdi and DRC pretty much locks for a roster spot and Boykin being another likely shoo-in, the battle between Hanson, Brandon Hughes, Curtis Marsh and Trevard Lindley should be a good one. The Eagles typically keep five corners, but might be able to stash Hughes, Marsh or Lindley on the Practice Squad.

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