Top Three Things Wrong With The NFL: Collective Bargaining Agreement Renewal

Tha EditaCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2009

The Super Bowl is now over and congratulations to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. Eventhough, the Birds lost the big game they gave us one of the most entertaining playoff runs in NFL history.

However, it is now back to business...
The National Football Leagues's Collective Bargaining Agreement is up for renewal this year, so I guess it's safe to say that the league can expect a few changes. Commissioner Roger Goodell has been doing a great job running the league so far, but unfortunately it isn't perfect.
There are few things that need to change.  Eventhough I feel that there is much more, I've decided to narrow it down to the top three, so just to keep you readers from falling asleep before reaching the end of the article. Drum roll, please:
3. The Tuck Rule:
My mind was having fistfight deciding whether to go with this or the referees new calls on roughing-the-passer. So, I decided to go with the Tuck Rule, because the latter has good intentions with regards to protecting players and avoiding injuries.
The Tuck Rule is nothing but a scapegoat for a quarterback screwing up. Think about it, how times have you watched a game with your boys and had that rule bail your buddy's team's quarterback out after you were gloating in their face a minute prior to the ruling?
That rule needs to go. If a quarterback fumbles the ball, stop trying to look for ways to say that he didn't fumble the ball. Stop penalizing good defense. This rule has caused too much controversy for too many years, and I can bet anything the referees are sick and tired of looking like the bad guy.
2. Awards:
I'm not going to hop on the bandwagon and say that they needed to be handed out after the playoffs, because I feel that's not necessary. Those are awards are for regular season play. 
Peyton Manning was the MVP for the regular season. I do, however have beef with how they are handed out and this is why, in NFL history, there has never been a wide receiver MVP; there has been one kicker, one linebacker, one defensive tackle MVP, and all the rest have been quarterbacks and running backs.
The way things are, an offensive lineman, a position that I feel is most valuable to any team, will never win a MVP trophy ever, and that's wrong. All these voters care about are the Tom Bradys, the Mannings, and the Tomlinsons.
No one care about their blockers who fight off these crazy freak-of-nature linebackers every Sunday. No cares about those receivers who held on to the ball so you can have that high QB rating. They should at least do like the Madden video game and have like a "Offensive Lineman of the Year" award or something, but it's just ridiculous how these big fellas get no love.
1. Rookie Contracts:
To some it up in one word, ridiculous. There is no reason why Jamarcus Russell should have the right to hold out until midseason, then end up becoming one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league before he steps onto the field. 
These unproven kids are demanding salaries that credible veterans should be asking for. Not to mention that teams are getting penalized for being given the opportunity to draft the top prospects.
I love how the NFL runs their salary cap, and I would love it even more if they would cap these rookie salaries. You can't fault the rookies for asking for this money. Hey, get what you can get in life.
It's the NFL that needs to put an end this nonsense. Money teams could be using to sign worthy players during free agency, instead they're using to give to these kids who half of them end up being busts anyway (well, maybe not half, but you know what I mean).
It needs to stop as every year GMs cry after the NFL Draft. Then the media has the nerve to hate on them for not surrounding the team's stars with better players. "Well maybe if our backup quarterback who was drafted 3rd overall wasn't taking up one-third of the team's salary, I might actually be able to sign more players."