Madden 13: Tebowing is a Hilarious Addition to the Classic Video Game

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Madden 13: Tebowing is a Hilarious Addition to the Classic Video Game
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Generally when I sit down for some quality Madden playing, the last thing I care about is the animations the developers have added for touchdown celebrations.

I'm more worried about things like gameplay, playbooks that reflect realistic offensive and defensive attacks, and player rankings that feel accurate.

But this year, I'll actually pay attention to the celebrations. Why?

Because according to Michael Young, the game's creative director, Tebowing will be included as a celebration in this year's game (h/t to Kotaku):


I know most of you are tired of the whole TebowMania craze, and justifiably so, but including Tebowing in the game is pretty hilarious in my opinion. Why deny Madden players the ability to replicate the celebration that swept the nation and became one of the truly bizarre Internet memes in recent memory?

I mean, if there is a place for something like Tebowing, it is absolutely in a video game.

Now, here's the thing—if EA wasn't making big-time changes in the Madden and NCAA Football games this year, adding Tebowing would just annoy me. I'm not one for cosmetic changes or dinky little add-ons like this at the expense of legitimate tweaks to gameplay.

Tebowing will be a fun addition to this year's Madden.

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But EA looks to be doing big things with their football franchises this year in terms of updating the gameplay and improving the feel of the passing game—changes I'm seriously excited about (via ESPN).

So because of that, I can see the Tebowing addition for what it is—a small, fun little change that is equivalent to the backup quarterback of gameplay modifications.

In other words, fun to have around but totally not necessary to put out a winning edition to the Madden series.

Unless this year's game is the Mark Sanchez of Madden editions, that is.

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