Seattle Seahawks: 4 Dead Weight Players Who Should Be Cut This Offseason

Joey Rebbe@@JoeyRebbeCorrespondent IMay 19, 2012

Seattle Seahawks: 4 Dead Weight Players Who Should Be Cut This Offseason

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    The Seattle Seahawks had a tumultuous 2011 season to say the least. Despite a losing record, many young stars emerged, such as Richard Sherman and Doug Baldwin, and Seattle will build upon them to become a playoff contender in future years.

    Unfortunately, with all this wheat, there must be some chaff. Some players severely underperformed in 2011; in many cases, these players hurt the team with poor decisions. So, without further ado, let's delve into the slums of the depth chart, and examine a few professionals who need to be cut from the team if improvement is to be had.

    If you feel any players are missing, or really want to defend the players mentioned, please comment below!

    Note: Only players on the active 2011 roster are on this list. Rookies and undrafted free agents from 2012 do not concern this slideshow.

Roy Lewis, CB

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    Before we tear into poor Roy, let's acknowledge what he does for the team. Roy is a great community servant, participating consistently in outreach programs and being a true humanitarian.

    Sadly, community service does not win football games.

    On the field, Lewis appears to be about three steps behind a receiver every single play. When he does get camera time, it's because an opposing receiver has just made a catch over him.

    Lackluster play plagued his 2011 season. The only "game-changing" play he had was a fumble recovery against the Cowboys. Even that was a result of Richard Sherman's hitting ability; Lewis simply had to pick up the football that bounced directly in front of him.

    With the return of Marcus Trufant, the drafting of speedster Jeremy Lane and the hopefully speedy recovery of Walter Thurmond III, expect Lewis to ride the bench if he even makes the team.

Anthony McCoy, TE

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    Next up is Anthony McCoy, or "Brick Hands" as I like to call him.

    Simply put, McCoy plays scared on the field. He dropped balls like mad in 2011. Even wide-open passes on flat routes bounced off the stony mitts of McCoy. The catches he made looked awkward and had me fearful that he would drop them.

    Poor hands aside, McCoy's mediocre blocking ability (especially in comparison to the fundamentally sound blocking of Zach Miller and Cameron Morrah), along with apathetic route running, leave something to be desired from the former USC standout.

    With Zach Miller hopefully a bigger factor in the passing game and Cameron Morrah's constant athleticism, look for McCoy's hands to be gripping the remote at home this season.

Mike Williams, WR

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    I expect this to be by far the most controversial slide. Hear me out though.

    Mike Williams is not needed on the Seahawks roster anymore. As far as size goes, Sidney Rice and Kris Durham both fit the mold. Size is the only real advantage Williams provides. His speed is average at best, and his YAC ability is flat out disappointing.

    Williams followed up a comeback 2010 season with an abhorred 2011 season. But before getting an ankle injury, Williams suffered from an inability to jump over smaller receivers, and his route running was easily defensible.

    I predict that the starting receiver lineup will be Sidney Rice, Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin and Ricardo Lockette. Deon Butler and Kris Durham will mostly likely back up that squad, which means Big Mike Williams will be out of work.

Justin Forsett, RB

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    This is perhaps the easiest prediction on the chart. Justin Forsett is a free agent, who has yet to sign a contract with the Seahawks.

    In 2011, Forsett predominantly lost his "third-down back" job to Leon Washington, who had a truly horrendous year. If the coaching staff did not think Forsett was worthy of a backup role, then it is likely he is not needed in 2012.

    Draftee Robert Turbin and incumbent starter Marshawn Lynch will make up a power running game that Forsett simply has no place in. As a free agent, Forsett does not cost the Seahawks any money to part with.

    So that wraps it up for players who I consider dead weight on the Seahawks' roster. Will all of them be cut? No. But I argue that they should be. Argue below!