Why Each Top Remaining 2012 NFL Free Agent Is Still on the Market

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIMay 16, 2012

Why Each Top Remaining 2012 NFL Free Agent Is Still on the Market

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    With free agency kicking off a few months ago and the majority of the big names off of the market now such as Mario Williams, Matt Flynn and Vincent Jackson—there are still a few big-name players who are still sitting unemployed.

    Now why is that? Well for starters, each and every situation is different, and there are certainly multiple reasons for each player.

    In that spirit, let's take a look at why each top remaining free agent is still on the market. 

Donovan McNabb

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    Just three years ago Donovan McNabb was at the top of his game as he threw for 22 touchdowns and 10 interceptions while posting a 92.9 quarterback rating back in 2009. Since then, it's almost like the movie Space Jam and aliens have stolen McNabb's talent to play a football game. 

    We last saw McNabb this past season with the Minnesota Vikings as he lasted just six games before being cut and posted an 82.9 quarterback rating while completing 60.3 percent of his passes but just tossing four touchdowns.

    All in all, McNabb was in effective.

    So why is McNabb still a free agent? For one simple reason: He's old and washed up, and it's time for him to hang up the cleats.

Andre Carter

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    Andre Carter had an incredible 2011 season with the New England Patriots but didn't last throughout New England's Super Bowl run as he tore his quadriceps in mid-December. 

    The 33-year-old defensive end was New England's top pass-rusher as he racked up 10 sacks and recorded 52 tackles.

    It's definitely interesting to see Carter still being a free agent, as he certainly proved he has a ton left in the tank this past season. But honestly, I truly believe he's still a free agent because he's waiting to see what the Patriots would like to do, as I feel like that's where he ultimately wants to be. 

Rocky McIntosh

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    Rocky McIntosh is certainly a serviceable linebacker that isn't quite over the hill as he's 29 years old but still remains unemployed.

    McIntosh played this past season with the Washington Redskins as he racked up 65 tackles and one sack in 15 games as was benched following Week 9 after struggling against the San Francisco 49ers—which ultimately led to a decline in production.

    Why is McIntosh still a free agent? Because of his mediocre player in 2011. However, teams that are looking for a linebacker that will add some depth, McIntosh is definitely someone whom they can call up. 

Kareem McKenzie

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    Why is Kareem McKenzie still a free agent? Well, I hate to say it like this, but he's just not that great of a pass-blocker.

    McKenzie is definitely a serviceable offensive tackle but can only play the right side and wasn't really that consistent in protecting Eli Manning with the New York Giants.

    I would be shocked to see McKenzie to be signed for a starting job in 2012. 

Cedric Benson

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    Cedric Benson will definitely not be back with the Cincinnati Bengals, according to Joe Reedy via Twitter, and I highly doubt any team would put any much investment in the 29-year-old.

    Benson is certainly old for a running back and slowed down quite a bit in 2011 as he averaged just 3.9 yards per carry.

    Oh and not to mention, Benson has had several legal issues over the years, and I just don't see anyone really signing him because he's such a huge risk. 

    If he is signed, I actually don't see him making it out of training. I think he's old and washed up. 

Ryan Grant

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    It's really harsh to be a running back in the NFL. One day, they're elite and then the next day, they fall off of the face of the planet—just like Shaun Alexander. 

    With Ryan Grant, that's the exact same scenario.

    From 2008 until 2009, Grant posted back-to-back 1,000-yard-plus rushing seasons and hasn't been effective at all ever since.

    I just don't see Grant picking up as a starter anywhere in the NFL right now. 

Terrell Owens

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    Who the hell would want to deal with Terrell Owens?

    T.O. is 38 years old, he has a bum knee and he's playing in the USFL.

    Here's a has-been—just like Apollo Creed from Rocky IV.

    Owens needs to take a seat before he ends up like Apollo when he fought the Soviet Ivan Drago.