Biggest Questions in the AFC East

NFL Draft 365Official AccountMay 11, 2012

NFL teams are in full swing on trying to fill holes with undrafted free agents, looking at waiver wires and checking out vets and rookie battles. Although the Giants won the Super Bowl, they have many holes to fill. As do most NFL teams. That leaves lots of questions.

In the AFC east, questions abound. The biggest one came at the end of March when Mr. Tebow was traded to Gotham. This happening after Mark Sanchez signed a contract extension. No doubt, New Yorkers will be asking questions all season long on this soon-to-be QB controversy. 

Speaking of teams with an abundance of QB’s with starting experience, how about South Beach? Some say the job will be handed to rookie Ryan Tannehill, while others wonder if he’s ready to take the keys away from Matt Moore or veteran David Garrard.

In western New York, Bills fans are wondering what Ryan Fitzpatrick they’ll get.  And in New England, Patriot fans are wondering if Brandon Lloyd will be the missing piece for the newly coiffed Tom Brady

Check out the video as Matt Miller has his take on these questions and more in the AFC east.

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