2012 NFL Draft: What Packer Fans Get with Michigan State's Jerel Worthy

Andrew GardaFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2012

Welcome to the second in a series of looks at the Green Bay Packers rookies and the final video for now, as the next will be a slideshow of the remaining picks.

Worthy is a guy who many expected to be a first-round choice—for a long time, Denver appeared to be his destination.

Good thing for the Packers that never came to pass.

Worthy is a big guy, but has an explosive first step and quick move that belies his large frame. If you watch the video I put together, you'll see him get the drop on many offensive linemen.

Whether it is against the run or a pass, he's able to use his speed and first step to get leverage on linemen and move them out of his way. A guy this big shouldn't be able to get into the backfield that fast.

It sure doesn't hurt to have a long set of arms and a strong lower body to help shift linemen around and reach the ball-carrier or quarterback when you're held up.

He does struggle sometimes in pass-rush; if his first move doesn't do the trick, he can get caught up, and sometimes, when a blocker gets a hold of him, he can struggle to shed the block.

Most of the time, it's not an issue, and his enormous strength helps him get rid of blockers before they get him.

He knows where the ball is and where it's going in run defense, and that allows him to make plays. On the other hand, he does sometimes struggle with balance and with double teams.

Worthy's biggest detractors point to some inconsistent effort and production. He sometimes disappears from one play to the next—from what I've seen, it's often due to his issues with a double team, something difficult to do if BJ Raji is there as well or Clay Matthews and Nick Perry are rushing outside.

Worthy is a guy who has some rough edges to sand off, to be sure. However, the upside on him is tremendous, and in short order, he'll find himself on the field with great frequency.

How the team will balance Raji and Worthy might be hard to tell right now, but expect a rotation with everyone getting plenty of snaps once Worthy is up to speed.