Pros and Cons of Andrew Luck's Potential Situation with Indianapolis Colts

Hristina Tisheva@soddisfazioneCorrespondent IApril 11, 2012

Pros and Cons of Andrew Luck's Potential Situation with Indianapolis Colts

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    There is hardly any doubt anymore, if there ever was, that Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck is the Indianapolis Colts' pick.

    Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted a hint:

    “Met with A Luck#12 n Indy 2day for 3 hrs;it's easy 2c why the #1 pick n this Stanford phenom has been synonymous with each other 4over 2 yrs.”

    The teasing will be officially over on April 26 at about 8 p.m. ET, when Round 1 of the 77th National Football League draft takes place.

    Here are the pros and cons of Luck’s potential signing with the Indy.

Joining a Team That Needs Him

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    The Colts don’t have a quarterback. They decided against signing Peyton Manning and need someone as good to fill his spot. Luck is often compared to Manning in their career paths.

    Luck won’t be the second quarterback on the team. He will be the face of the team, which guarantees him a lot of playing time. More time on the field only means he will be getting better.



    Luck’s got some big shoes to fill in. His every throw will inevitably be compared to Colts living legend Peyton Manning.

    This is additional pressure for the rookie quarterback. There is no way of telling whether he is mentally strong to live up to the high expectations in professional football.

The Robert Griffin III Factor

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    Andrew Luck has already proven he can handle constantly being compared to Robert Griffin III on a college level.

    Luck is considered by many as the better prepared for the level of NFL quarterback. He was only compared to Griffin, whose last two years with the Baylor Bears were good seasons, despite his mobility and ball accuracy.



    This Luck-Griffin debate has the potential of becoming a great rivalry. Fans will benefit, but the players may not. Being in the shadow of another player can be a double-edged sword.

    It can motivate an athlete to always improve, but it can also be very demanding or distracting, leading to total lack of focus.

Being the First Pick

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    Andrew Luck knew he had it coming. 

    He has known for two years he was going to be the first pick in the NFL draft. He pro-style schemed at Stanford and had the opportunity to not worry about anything else but launching the ball. He can now throw like a high-level NFL quarterback.

    Carrying the team on his back, however, in his first season as a pro can be a horseshoe.



    The way the NFL draft works is that the team with the worst record has the best chance of obtaining a really high draft pick. The Colts finished 2-14 last season. It was due to Manning's injury, but it’s hard coming back after such a disastrous season.

    Fans like to see about 12 wins every year, but unless that gets them to the Super Bowl, the season is a disappointment. So unless Luck delivers, he may not be the crowd’s favorite any longer.