NFL Free Agency 2012: 5 Dumbest Signings so Far

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NFL free agency kicked off with a bang, as teams raced to spend their cap dollars like Fabolous in the VIP.

We won’t truly know the impact of each signing until we see how the newly acquired players perform on the field, but that doesn’t mean some squads haven’t already made stupid decisions in free agency.

Like any job market, free agents should be evaluated on their value to your specific franchise and their value on the open market.

If you misjudge either factor, chances are you are either overpaying for a player or wasting money on a guy who isn’t a fit for your roster. 

For example, the 49ers already have an aging back in Frank Gore, who is great in short-yardage situations, and a talented young change-of-pace guy in Kendall Hunter.

It doesn’t make sense to ink washed-up Brandon Jacobs when what they really need is an every-down guy to groom as Gore’s replacement.  

The Jacksonville Jaguars desperately need a number one receiver, but that does not mean they should overpay Laurent Robinson, who was the No. 3 guy in Dallas and has had 10 good games in four-plus seasons.

Then there is Tim Tebow, who makes absolutely no sense in New York on any level, unless you are a producer for Hard Knocks.  

Let’s take a look at the NFL’s top five dumbest free-agent signings so far in this edition of Spotlight. 

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