NFL Draft 2012: Cleveland Has a Lot of Options with the Fourth Pick

TIM LOLContributor IIIApril 2, 2012

Mike Holmgren has some decisions to make.
Mike Holmgren has some decisions to make.Tom Pidgeon/Getty Images

It must be comforting for Mike Holmgren and the Cleveland Browns to be sitting pretty with the fourth pick in the upcoming NFL Draft this month. 

At least until a decision needs to be made. And the player that they may choose is anything but set in stone. 

Four players have emerged as possible selections: RB Trent Richardson (Alabama), CB Morris Claiborne (LSU), QB Ryan Tannehill (Texas A&M) and WR Justin Blackmon (Oklahoma St.).

There is a plus for going through the stress that Cleveland must endure. No matter what player is chosen, he will fill a need for a team that has holes in just about every position. 

Enter a possibility that Cleveland might trade down in the draft to acquire more picks. They certainly need as many as possible.

The St. Louis Rams, who made news when they traded their No. 2 pick to Washington, have been expected to pick up Blackmon at No. 6. But what if he is not available anymore? Rams coach Jeff Fisher has stated that they are considering trading spots with Cleveland.

"[We] have a very realistic possibility of moving," Fisher said. "But I don't see anything happening until draft day."  

A lot of teams have recently shown interest in Aggie quarterback Ryan Tannehill despite his limited playing time at the position. The Seahawks, Dolphins, Eagles, Chiefs are among 22 NFL teams that attended his pro day on March 29.

Holmgren must determine if he is comfortable with Colt McCoy as the starter for another season. If McCoy remains the guy, then they have the option to trade their pick with another team. How much would a desperate team like Miami offer?

Picking up a running back with the fourth pick is definitely not a common scenario, but Richardson has proven he is about as productive as a back can get. Morris Claiborne has met with the team already and would definitely help the poor secondary. 

All these options sound enticing, but Cleveland can only choose one. Imagine a kid browsing an enormous candy store with a budget. As their decision remains up in the air, one thing is for sure: The result will certainly shape the rest of the draft.

Keep in mind that anything can happen come draft day.