Jose Canseco: Retired Slugger Laments Al Gore, Causes Mass Confusion

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Jose Canseco: Retired Slugger Laments Al Gore, Causes Mass Confusion
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For a change, retired baseball slugger Jose Canseco did something honorable on Twitter today, openly lamenting the death of former Vice President Al Gore.

In case you missed it, here's Canseco's tweet, which was clearly from the heart:

So sad...

At least it would be. You know, if Gore was actually dead.

He's not, for the record.

Not at last check, anyway. I recall Gore making some key remarks about democracy in today's world at SXSW, and I'm pretty sure he has not expired since then.

If Gore had passed away at any point, I'm pretty sure that we would have heard about it and that the news of his passing would not have been broken by the likes of Jose Canseco. The only thing he breaks is the trust of all his former friends and colleagues.

Since Gore is not dead yet, your guess is as good as mine as to what inspired Canseco to open his Twitter mouth in the first place. His subsequent tweet, which came well after his first tweet had drawn plenty of accusations of ignorance and stupidity, was even more confusing:

Full disclosure: My brain hurts.

I can't help but wonder if Canseco is thinking of the wrong Al. Since he spent many of his playing days in Oakland, maybe he's talking about Al Davis, the late owner of the Oakland Raiders. And indeed, Mr. Davis was ahead of his time.

But once again, your guess is as good as mine. I can't comprehend Canseco's thinking. For that matter, I doubt anyone can.

It matters not. All that matters is that Gore is alive and well, which means we can take this incident as further confirmation that Canseco is completely off his rocker.

Though, things will all change if we find out that Gore actually has passed away.

If so...dude, [bleep] will have gotten real.

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