No Chris Wells or Michael Crabtree: Marvin Lewis Is Eyeing an OT or DT

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IJanuary 16, 2009

I'm getting fed up with all these articles about Chris Wells or Michael Crabtree being the answer for the Bengals.

Chris Wells, or Michael Crabtree are not the answer for the Bengals. You could argue back with the fact that the Bengals Offense was the worst in the league this year. That's because Carson Palmer was injured the entire year.

Carson Palmer is the Bengals offense, and without him, we can't make plays. Ryan Fitzpatrick was not an amazing passer, and when you can't pass the ball, you can't run the ball.

With Palmer back next season, the running game will open up, and Cincinnati Running backs will be able to be more successful. Reason two why we don't need Wells, is because we are set at the running back position.

Cedric Benson was solid at times last season, and behind him, we have Chris Perry, Kenny Watson, and DeDe Dorsey. 

What about wide receivers? We do not need to draft Michael Crabtree either. We are most likely loosing our two best wide receivers next year. So why not draft Crabtree? Because we are prepared. We drafted 2 capable wide receivers last year: Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson, along with Chris Henry, who can prove himself in his first "full" season in a while.

Who should the Bengals Draft? An OT, DT, or linebacker.


Here are some of the Bengals Possible First Rounders

1. Eugene Monroe, OT, UVA

2. Michael Oher, OT, Ole Miss

3. Michael Johnson, DE, Georgia Tech

4. Andre Smith, OT, Alabama


These are the Bengals main needs. Its a possibility that we could draft a WR or RB in the later rounds, but the Bengals main focus is going to be on the offensive line, and the defense.