Mock 2009 NFL Draft: First Round

Ty HodgesContributor IJanuary 16, 2009

Round One, Pick One (Detroit Lions): Andre Smith, OT, Alabama The Lions have a lot of issues, 0-16 says a lot doesn't it.  The first thing they must address is their weak O-line. Andre Smith is easily the best OT in the draft and would be an ideal pick for the Lions.


Round One, Pick Two (St. Louis Rams): Aaron Curry, OLB, Wake Forest The Rams lack depth in the linebacker position and Curry is an explosive player perfect for the Rams.


Round One, Pick Three (Kansas City Chiefs): Aaron Maybin, DE, Penn State The Chiefs' defense is...Let's be kind and say, abysmal. They need to solidify their D-line badly.


Round One, Pick Four (Seattle Seahawks): Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech The Seahawks lack major depth at the WR corps and Deion Branch isn't producing like he once was.  Crabtree is a necessity for the Seahawks.


Round One, Pick Five (Cleveland Browns): Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia Derek Anderson isn't the QB he was last season. The Browns need to start grooming a QB for the future and Stafford is likely to be that QB.


Round One, Pick Six (Cincinnati Bengals): Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia The Bengals have a lot of problems and the O-line is one of them.  Eugene Monroe is a good start.


Round One, Pick Seven (Oakland Raiders): Jason Smith, OT, Baylor The Raiders are in the same boat as the Bengals...a lot of problems at a lot of positions. They need to start on the O-line.


Round One, Pick Eight (Jacksonville Jaguars): Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas The Jaguars need to solidify their defensive line and Orakpo is as solid as a DE as they will get at the eighth spot.


Round One, Pick Nine (Green Bay Packers): Rey Maualuga, ILB, Southern California The Packers' defense failed them at the end of the season, especially the linebackers.  Maualuga is a good fit for the Packers.


Round One, Pick 10 (San Francisco 49ers): Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio State The 49ers have started to get their offense down, now they need to lock down their defense.  The secondary needs work, and Jenkins is a good start.


Round One, Pick 11 (Buffalo Bills): Max Unger, C, Oregon The Bills have a good running game, the only thing holding them back is an O-line.  Max Unger is a strong center and will help with their woes.


Round One, Pick 12 (Denver Broncos): Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois The Broncos need major work on their defense. The offense is fine for now, the secondary, D-line and linebackers all need a major overhaul.


Round One, Pick 13 (Washington Redskins): Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi The Redskins need to help Campbell out and Oher will be a solid player in a couple years.


Round One, Pick 14 (New Orleans Saints): James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State The Saints need some help on the linebacking core and Laurinaitis is a sturdy linebacker.


Round One, Pick 15 (Houston Texans): Sean Smith, CB, Utah After his strong showing in the Sugar Bowl, Sean Smith is a rising prospect at the CB position and the Texans could use him.


Round One, Pick 16 (San Diego Chargers): Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri Maclin is a speedster and could help right the Chargers offense and special teams.


Round One, Pick 17 (New York Jets): Tyson Jackson, DE, Louisiana State The Jets need some more stability on their D-line and Jackson could be groomed into a good DE within a few years.


Round One, Pick 18 (Chicago Bears): Percy Harvin, WR, Florida Chicago always seems to lack a star WR and Harvin is a do-it-all player.


Round One, Pick 19 (Tampa Bay Buccaneers): B.J. Raji, DT, Boston College The Bucs need some depth at the D-line and Raji is a solid pick.


Round One, Pick 20 (Detroit Lions): Duke Robinson, OG, Oklahoma More O-line help for the Lions.


Round One, Pick 21 (New England Patriots): Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia The Patriots just can't seem to find a solid RB to compliment their passing game.  Knowshon will be take 2 for the Pats.


Round One, Pick 22 (Minnesota Vikings): William Moore, S, Missouri The Vikings' safeties need work and the grooming of Moore should begin soon!


Round One, Pick 23 (Miami Dolphins): Brian Cushing, OLB, Southern California The Dolphins have made great strides from 1-15 and this is a great step forward for a promising team.


Round One, Pick 24 (Atlanta Falcons): Everette Brown, DE, Florida State The Falcons are similar to the Dolphins in the fact that they have made great strides, but they need to solidify their D-line.


Round One, Pick 25 (Indianapolis Colts): Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi The Colts need help on their aging defensive line.


Round One, Pick 26 (New York Giants): Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia The Giants have some defensive needs and Clint is a solid pick.


Round One, Pick 27 (Tennessee Titans): Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest The Titans have a tough defense and this pick will help make it that much stronger.


Round One, Pick 28 (Philadelphia Eagles): Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State (The Eagles lack in the Tight End department and this is a solid filler.


Round One, Pick 29 (Pittsburgh Steelers): Eben Britton, OT, Arizona No surprise here, the Steelers aren't productive on offense because Big Ben is on his back more than a Vegas Hoo-...well, you know.

They need protection (Just like a Vegas Hoo-...okay enough of that) and Britton can help with that.


Round One, Pick 30 (Philiadelphia Eagles): Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State A shocker, I know, to see Wells fall this far in the draft, but the Eagles are the only ones who have really needed him so far.  Westbrook is too unstable with being healthy and they need a backup.


Round One, Pick 31 (Arizona Cardinals): LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh The Arizona Cardinals need a backup since James is likely out the door, so he will be a good complement to Hightower.


Round One, Pick 32 (Baltimore Ravens): Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina The Ravens need a good receiver for Flacco to throw to and Hakeem Nicks has probably the best hands in the draft.