If Steve Spagnuolo Becomes The Jets Coach, You Can Say Goodbye to Brett Favre

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IJanuary 15, 2009

Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo recently had his second interview for the vacant New York Jets coaching position.  Perhaps he wants to be a head coach, but is weary of changing locker rooms. 

Spagnuolo has been a hot candidate for head coaching positions since last January, and seemed a lock to be the Redskins new coach.  But Spagnuolo must have realized he would be working for Daniel Snyder, and was more valuable building up his reputation better with his current job.

But now that the Giants have failed to repeat as champions, and Spagnuolo witnessed the Giants offense give his defense nothing to work with, it seems it might be his time to go.  However, one must wonder why the New York Jets would be a good fit?  Could it just be that they are a team that needs a coach?

Going with a defensive coach does not seem to make sense for gang green.  After all, it was the offense that let the team down during the home stretch of the season.  In particular, the annointed savior of the franchise, Brett Favre

Favre's decision over returning for a second season in New York is still up in the air.  It seemed clear that the only way that Favre would be willing to return is if a veteran, big name head coach would take over. Could you imagine Favre working under a brand new, inexperienced coach that he knows nothing of? 

Also, this is New York.  Perhaps the biggest reason for Favre's deal was that it was New York, and they needed a commodity to counter their landlords, the New York Giants.

So how would Spagnuolo and Favre work together?  Or will they?  Could it be that Jets management is looking to hire a coach with no experience who has a defensive background because they don't want Favre back?

It seemed that was the way the Packers were going in 2005 when they fired coach Mike Sherman.  Favre was coming off his worst season as a pro and first losing season.  Aaron Rodgers had been drafted and was waiting in the wings.  It appeared to be a way of getting Favre out without breaking Packers' fans' hearts by parting with him.

The situation isn't exactly the same.  I mean, the Jets don't exactly have the same amount of money invested in Kellen Clemens as the Packers did in Rodgers.  But the Jets must definitely be upset by seeing the man they let go of for Favre, Chad Pennington, lead the Miami Dolphins into Giants Stadium and defeat their team to clinch the division.

So how would a rookie, defensive background head coach work with a team that clearly needs offensive help?  And will that decision hinder Favre's reluctance to return under center next season?