Peyton Manning Rumors: Manning Reportedly Chooses Broncos, Twitter Reacts

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Peyton Manning Rumors: Manning Reportedly Chooses Broncos, Twitter Reacts
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If you were wondering, now would be the time to lose your collective minds, because Peyton Manning is reportedly headed to the Denver Broncos

We knew that Manning and the Broncos were going to join forces, but we didn't know what it would cost to get a deal done. Until now. 

According to Adam Schefter, the team is giving up a lot of coin to bring Manning in and (eventually) get rid of Tim Tebow

ESPN broke the news we will all be talking about for the next few weeks. Chris Mortensen dropped this simple tweet before all hell broke loose.


Then came this from Adam Schefter:


OK, Twitter. Lose your minds. 

Arash Markazi makes a great point. Forget trading Tebow, just bring him out like a loser in every game and watch the world have their faces melt off.


Jimmy Traina reminds us that even the most middling of players will now be remarkable.


Faux John Madden reports on deals happening everywhere.


Dan Rubenstein reminds us that the Denver area is good for some huge news every decade or so.

Rick Reilly chimes in with some Reilly fodder for the masses.


If ever there was a quarterback scorned, it would be Alex Smith, who the 49ers forgot about amid the Peyton Manning hoopla. Thanks for reminding us, Richard Deitsch.


We can now welcome a great deal of Tim Tebow rumors. He is taking his talents and mania somewhere else. Bob Glauber thinks the natural fit is in Miami. Lovely.


The 49ers have some explaining to do. The Fake ESPN has some ideas for head coach Jim Harbaugh.


If your name happens to be Tim Tebow, now would not be the time to read Twitter feeds. Pro Football Talk reports on comments made by Ryan Clady.


Chris Steuber wants you Miami faithful to take a deep breath, because it is all going to be alright.


Jay Glazer reports on the wonder that is going to Denver Broncos and pretty much getting what you want.


I have to agree with Trey Wingo, because I need to hear this phone call.


Willis McGahee reads the situation right. The big man is off the market, meaning it is all about to very much go down.


Yes, Shannon Sharpe. Tebowing has worked in this case, but not for the one man named Tim Tebow.


We can expect things get a little old timey and a little Apocalyptic with Old Hoss Radbourn.


Shannon Sharpe wants to get the band back together, minus the lead singer.


There you have it, the biggest news in the world brought to you by Twitter. 

Peyton Manning is coming to Denver, which means Broncos fans can now feel confident that a Super Bowl is as close as ever. 

Tebow-Mania has been extinguished and Manning-Mania takes over, and this is only the beginning. 

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