NFL: The Day James Harrison Body-Slammed Browns Fan

Why We Watch@@WhyWeWatchOfficial AccountMarch 15, 2012

Bleacher Report's Why We Watch documentary series wanted to show that there are consequences for a stupid idea. Running onto the field at a sporting event is a stupid idea. Most televised sporting events will now cut away from fan shenanigans to not glorify these individuals' actions. Part of the reason broadcasts do that is because of Nate Mallett.

On December 24, 2005, Nate jumped from the stands and onto the field at a Browns-Steelers blowout game. He was young, dumb and full  Little did he know that James Harrison would pick him up and body-slam him on the ground, immediately propelling Nate into the spotlight. But it was at this moment that a seed was planted in Nate's mind. And over the course of the next few years—while Nate was dealing with endless fines, court appearances and jail-time for his actions on that day—he came to a realization that his life was worth more than he gave himself credit for.

Nate started down a new path, finding God, finding sobriety and finding purpose.  He joined a church band and completely turned his life around. That one stupid drunk decision to run on the field became the turning point and the start of a new life.


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Director/Producer: Chris Peterson

Editor: Tony Agapiou


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