1. For final drive of regulation (obv, pass situations), Steelers split up their pairs, used James Harrison and Arthur Moats as OLB passrushers

  2. Big Board and Advice for Thursday Night Football

  3. James Harrison 49 snaps, Jarvis Jones 26. But hey, the Steelers aren't counting snaps. Maybe they should. Those numbers should be reversed.

  4. James Harrison: The loss "don’t hurt more than any others; only thing that would make it hurt worse would be if it was a playoff game."

  5. James Harrison, asked if he felt the 'D' played well enough to win: "We didn’t play well enough; we lost. Don’t ask stupid questions."

  6. #Steelers James Harrison just became the 2nd player in team history to record 70+ sacks for Pittsburgh. Congrats! #BALvsPIT

  7. James Harrison is almost as old as @DreKnott

  8. Nobody hits routinely with the power of #Steelers James Harrison

  9. James Harrison asked Brown mid-interview this week if he ever thinks he's out of bounds or drops a ball. Brown said no. #steelers @pasports

  10. #Steelers Clue: James Harrison in the conservatory with a club.

  11. James Harrison is introduced last. He looks, um, happy.

  12. Buried beneath the Roethlisberger injury, James Harrison (thumb) and Matt Spaeth (hand) were hurt http://t.co/YfExrZyJQU @pennlive

  13. James Harrison dealing with a thumb injury #Steelers

  14. James Harrison added to the list with a thumb injury. Matt Spaeth has a hand fracture, will wear a cast. Both in-game injuries. #Steelers

  15. Steelers LB Ryan Shazier is still "nursing" his shoulder injury, Mike Tomlin says. James Harrison has a thumb issue that may limit him.

  16. James Harrison may be limited in practice. Spaeth has fractured thumb, getting a cast now. #Steelers

  17. This just in: #Steelers OLB James Harrison has been fined for the low hit on Ben Roethlisberger. NFL statement says, "why not?"

  18. That was two mistakes on that dropped pass by Rams WR Lance Kendricks at Steelers 15. James Harrison should not be covering him deep

  19. James Harrison in coverage on Kendricks throwback pass. Kendricks wide open and drops the ball #Steelers

  20. Seems like James Harrison turned out the lights again. Just a promo video that the thousands of #Steelers fans in attendance aren't watching

  21. Steelers’ James Harrison has method of muscle recovery called dry needling, which he describes as “painful as hell.” http://t.co/PFWYIEbJAJ

  22. James Harrison using 'painful as hell' dry needles to prolong career with Steelers http://t.co/VtdSb2dzll

  23. Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison is looking for his first sack this season. He's... http://t.co/FKppMdPUIh http://t.co/eTRpGCTNHA

  24. Brown was offering $100 for a ticket when James Harrison pointed out tickets cost more than $100 each. #steelers @pasports