NFL Draft: Why the Raiders Should Pick Darren McFadden

greg pitschSenior Analyst IFebruary 26, 2008

In Oakland there is a way of selecting our draft picks:

No consideration of history, stats, or even tradition. 

Al Davis has one thing in mind when making his selection in that he solely looks at raw skill.

Nobody in this years draft will stand out more to the Oakland Raiders than Darren McFadden.  He is a force in the running game that would promote a change in the style  that Oakland would play: Smash Mouth.

Can Justin Fargas stand 30 plus carries a week, for the entire season? Probably not. With the likeliness that either or both Lamont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes will be gone, and Michael Bush returning from injury, he would surely carry the bulk of that load. 

This could prove to be a disaster, since Fargas is known for going straight at the contact.

Which brings me to the Draft. 

The Raiders will have the fourth pick come April, and Kansas City has the fifth pick.  There is no possible way we can pass on Darren McFadden.  We cannot risk him being picked up by the Chiefs, and, although it seems unlikely, it is not a chance worth taking. 

Plus, knowing that Al Davis will not pass on him is comforting and he will bring explosiveness to the offense.

Al Davis is not a defensive guru, and neither is Lane Kiffin, which leads me to believe they will take McFadden with their first pick.  Imagine the Raiders having Fargas, Bush, and McFadden in the backfield. 

McFadden can also be utilized not only as a feature back but also as a slot receiver or a decoy in the mold of Reggie Bush.  What else can you ask for? 

Seeing Adrian Peterson blossom last year into an elite back leads one to consider that this same evolution could be possible with McFadden.  If he is added to our roster, watch for a strong play on a legitimate number one receiver during the offseason, which could in turn create a very explosive and potent offense. 

So with the fourth pick in the 2008 NFL Draft, the Oakland Raiders select...Darren McFadden, RB Arkansas.