Seahawks Will Draft at No. 4 Again in 2010 If They Don't Make These Key Moves

lonnie swansonContributor IMarch 30, 2017

Well, the question is at hand, and who knows the future? Some people will argue that we all have predestined lives, and some will argue that we write our own destiny. Would either be the case in the NFL, as a team destiny? One could argue, but the case of Seattle this year was ugly.

I know every fan out there was saying, "HOW?" How could this happen to a team that has been so close to going back to a Super Bowl to avenge a game they should have won (if they didn't have to play against the referees)?

Well, unfortunately, it was something that happened, 4-12. Nothing that can be done about it; it is over, but there is a mad amount of things that can be done to prevent it again. It will start before this year's draft, not at it.

First things first: health of current players. Check their status. There will be a few question marks. Matt Hasselbeck—what is his status, injury prone or fluke? Walter Jones—one more Pro Bowl season or teacher of new talent? O-line—upgrade or satisfied? D-line—can we be better personnel, or do we need to get better personnel? Wide receiver—can we compete with the talent we have, or do we need better talent?

THEN, there is the obvious. Secondary and running back. This is where the draft comes into play. All these positions to look at, and only six players we can draft (to those who don't know, we lost No. 5 to Denver on a desperation move).

Now, let's assume that all is well in the land of Seattle. Matt is going to be fine, Walter is going to be at least 85 percent (an 85 percent Walter is better than any left tackle in the NFL), our O-line is back to 100 percent and hungry, we get Patrick Kerney back healthy, broken hands are gone, Leroy Hill signs, and all wide receivers report to spring training in 100 percent good health (and happy).

SO, now we have two areas left to address: running backs and secondary. This is where the draft is going to be mandatory for Seattle, so if you are out there Tim Ruskell, listen up!

The top two picks in this year's draft are going to be what all Seattle fans are going to get excited, not happy, excited about. It is going to be what all fans want: upgrades. Why? Because they know with that upgrade at that key position, we are going to be that much better.

Can anyone say Taylor Mays? Please, say it with me: T A Y L O R  M A Y S! He is a key, key piece to have for Seattle in '09. Size, speed, leadership, and here is one for you, Mr. Ruskell, since you want all the players on your team to be altar boys—he is a stand-up guy with no off-field issues. GOOOODbye Brian Russell. Your days are over as a Hawk

That right there should be our number one (No. 4) pick. No arguments, no questions. I know everyone wants Michael Crabtree, but we don't need receivers; we need an upgrade at a lacking position. Our receivers, Bobby, Deion, Nate, and the seasoned rookie John, are our starters for next year.

In the second round, running back! Julius Jones is not our future, and neither is Mo Morris. T.J. Duckett is a mule. We need a starting running back. Of course he will get worked in just like Shaun did, but he will eventually be a starter.

There are a couple of backs that will be available in the early second round. My choice would be LeSean McCoy out of Pitt. Sorry, one could argue, but he is the best second round talent out there.

Oh, and let me vector in on a little Hawk history. There was a man from PITT drafted in 1977 by a team with a star on their head, all made possible by one team's mistake in TRADING DOWN. Yes, the Seahawks, and that running back turned out to be one of the best running backs in NFL history, Tony Dorsett—ring a bell?

Am I saying he is the next Tony? No, but don't pass on talent, especially like McCoy.

Oh, and just for the record, all you fools that think that Seattle should trade down and get rid of their No. 4 pick are freeeeeakin idiots! There is a reason why we were granted the No. 4 pick: WE SUCKED THIS YEAR, or did you just wake up out of your coma?

Anyway, so there are my first round and second round picks. In the third through seventh we can address needs at other positions such as OL, DL, CB, and QB. If there is not what we want at that pick in time, you choose who is the best talent.

OR, better yet, there is free agency. You can add one of those picks of the later rounds in with a deal for a free agent, depending on the caliber of player they are.

I think things will be a lot better for the Seahawks in the upcoming season. Health issues will go away, and we will be back in contention.

If we don't make those key moves, though, we will be drafting at No. 4 again in 2010. Mark my words