Philadelphia Eagles: Trading Winston Justice Was the Right Move

Giorgos KassakosAnalyst IMarch 14, 2012

Winston Justice will be wearing the white and blue jersey of the Colts.
Winston Justice will be wearing the white and blue jersey of the Colts.Handout/Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles sent Winston Justice to the Indianapolis Colts, along with one of their sixth-round picks and got in return the Colts’ sixth-rounder. With this trade, the Eagles went from No.17 to No.2 in the sixth round, while creating valuable cap space.

Justice played 29 games in 2009 and 2010; all of them as the starting right tackle of the Eagles’ offensive line. However, he struggled and was benched at times for King Dunlap. After a knee injury, he lost his place and Todd Herremans (who was moved from left guard to right tackle) was outstanding in 2011, making Justice and Dunlap look expandable.

Dunlap is a free agent, leaving Justice as the only backup to Herremans. Despite that, Philadelphia opted to trade him away, and it was the right decision.

The Eagles got an extra $2.3 million of cap space and also raised a bit higher one of their draft picks. They lost a player, but his value had diminished lately and he wasn’t featured in their plans for the future.

As for who will be behind Herremans in the depth chart, the Eagles have three options: re-sign Dunlap, chase another free right tackle or draft a rookie. It’s all about how much they’re willing to pay. Apparently, a rookie will cost less, but will be a fresh face in the NFL.

Dunlap had more downs than ups. He won’t demand an expensive re-signing, but is he really worth it?

The Eagles have other priorities right now. Evan Mathis and Derek Landri are more important to them and these players should be re-signed first. Furthermore, the Eagles have to upgrade at linebacker and safety and there has been no development in these matters.