2009 NFL Draft: Will the New York Giants Draft a Thoroughbred or a Mule?

Patrick KeysContributor IJanuary 13, 2009

The Giants had a wonderful regular season, but in the playoffs, they were one-and-done, as they lost to division rival the Eagles. It is obvious that one of the big problems for the Giants was the absence of wide receiver Plaxico Burress.

Last year, Burress had over 1,000 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns. In the playoffs, they did not have that big-name receiver to throw to and Eli Manning struggled because of it. If the Giants had a big-time wide receiver, they may have been more competitive in the playoffs.   

In the first round, the Giants should pick Hakeen Nicks from North Carolina. Nicks had a wonderful junior year with 1,222 yards receiving and 12 touchdowns. In his final game against West Virginia in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, he caught eight passes for a bowl record 217 yards and three touchdowns.

The way he played in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, Eli Manning could’ve thrown the ball 20 yards away from Nicks, and Nicks would’ve still caught it. Ok, maybe not, but still, if the Giants had Nicks this year, they would’ve needed Plaxico Burress. Nicks could be that go-to guy the Giants need.

With a two picks in the second round, the Giants should take a defensive player. The Giants should pick cornerback Victor Harris from Virginia Tech if available, or outside linebacker Brain Cushing from USC.

It is obvious that the Giants need help on defense and these two could greatly improve the Giants defense. Another name the Giants should look at is strong safety Emanuel Cook from South Carolina. He has good speed and good hands, so Cook could be a good pick if the Giants want to barbecue at the Super Bowl next year.

Some other names the Giants could look at in the second round are wide receiver Kenny Britt of Rutgers and defensive end Tyson Jackson from LSU.

The third round should be interesting for the Giants. If they pick two receivers in the first and second rounds, they should go for a defensive player. Cornerback Mark Parson from Ohio or outside linebacker Gerald McRath of Southern Miss would be good picks.

If the Giants choose to only pick one wide receiver then the option of Derrick Williams from Penn State could be out there. The good news for the Giants is if they draft several wide receivers, it will add depth at that position in case of an injury.

In the forth round, a name that may stick out to the Giants is Pat White, the quarterback from West Virginia. Pat may be a quarterback, but he is fast. If they can convert him to wideout, he may be a deep threat the Giants can use in close games.

He is a great quarterback to so if anything happens to Eli Manning, the Giants would have David Carr and Pat White to back him up so it’s a safe pick in the forth round. Also, with Pat’s speed, he would make a good back up running back if the situation called for it.

Point being, Pat White is a versatile player that the Giants could use if they needed him. He has the potential to be the next Antwan Randle-El. Also Linebacker Reed Williams from West Virginia would be a good pick, too.

In the 2009 NFL draft, the Giants are looking for that one shining gem that will make the team shine. Will one of these players help lead the Giants to another Super Bowl? Only time will tell.