Draft Impact: Oklahoma State WR Justin Blackmon Runs in 4.4s at Pro Day

Sigmund BloomNFL Draft Lead WriterMarch 9, 2012

Things couldn't have gone much better for Justin Blackmon at his pro day
Things couldn't have gone much better for Justin Blackmon at his pro dayJoe Robbins/Getty Images

Oklahoma State's pro day took place this morning and the results are already in. WR Justin Blackmon answered any questions about his straight-line speed with a strong showing in the 40-yard dash.

ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports:

From one NFL team: Justin Blackmon just helped himself by running 4.46 in 40 at Okla. St. Pro Day.

Former NFL personnel man Tony Softli puts the time even lower:

Three NFL scouts confirm WR Justin Blackmon ran in the low 4.4's (4.45, 4.44,4.43). Fast enough!

What does this mean for the draft?

Blackmon is definitely in the mix to go in the Top Six. Cleveland would have to take a long look at him if they don't trade up for Robert Griffin III, and Tampa Bay will do their due diligence on him at No. 5.

Washington would probably be happy to take him at No. 6 if they don't trade up for RG3 or covet Ryan Tannehill. Any of Jacksonville, Carolina and Buffalo could make Blackmon a Top-10 pick if he falls that far.

Michael Floyd could also ride Blackmon's coattails into the Top 10. He compares favorably to Blackmon in terms of speed, but he's bigger and probably more dynamic in the air. A team that wants Blackmon in the Top 10 could "settle" for Floyd if they are beaten to the punch.