Why the Lions Should Trade Down in the 2009 Draft

Austin DrakeSenior Analyst IJanuary 11, 2009

Ever since the end of the season the news has been that the Lions will take Sam Bradford, Matt Stafford, or Andre Smith with their first overall pick. Well, I have a different idea. How about the Lions trade down in the first round to fill other voids?

I'll mull over some ideas to show what I'm thinking.

Trade First Pick with Browns for Fifth Pick

The Lions could switch picks with Cleveland and also snag a player like middle linebacker D'Qwell Jackson, outside linebacker Kamerion Wimbley, or offensive tackle Kevin Shaffer.

If the Lions somehow got Jackson or Wimbley from the Browns they could draft offensive tackle Michael Oher from Ole Miss since he will most likely be there at pick five.

If the Lions get Shaffer, Detroit could draft middle linebacker Aaron Curry from Wake Forest if he's available. Also, they could take defensive end Michael Johnson from Georgia Tech or defensive end Brian Orakpo from Texas.

Also, in either of these situations, the Lions could take cornerback Malcom Jenkins from Ohio State if he is still available.


Trade First Pick with Raiders for Seventh Pick

This would be my least favorite of the moves since the Raiders don't have much to offer. The Lions could switch picks with Oakland and also trade for outside linebacker Kirk Morrison, outside linebacker Thomas Howard, or defensive end Tommy Kelly.

If the moves bring in either Morrison or Howard, the Lions could draft Oher or Johnson if they are still available. Other options could be offensive tackle Eugene Monroe from Virginia, wide receiver Jeremy Maclin from Missouri, or even Jenkins if he is somehow still on the board.

If Detroit gets Tommy Kelly, they could draft either Oher or Monroe. Also, defensive end Aaron Maybin from Penn State and middle linebacker Rey Maualuga from USC are options.


Trade First Pick with Jaguars for Eighth Pick

The most options lie with trading with Jacksonville. If the two teams swapped picks, the Lions could get offensive tackle Tony Pashos, cornerback Drayton Florence, defensive end Reggie Hayward, defensive tackle Rob Meier, or outside linebackers Justin Durant and Clint Ingram.

If they go with Pashos, the options in the draft could be Johnson, defensive end Everette Brown from Florida State, maybe Jenkins, maybe Maualuga, or middle linebacker Brandon Spikes from Florida.

If they decide to add a defensive back like Florence, they could take any of those guys listed above other than Jenkins. Also another idea could be offensive tackle Jason Smith from Baylor if he is there.

If they trade for either Hayward, Meier, Durant, or Ingram they could draft safety Taylor Mays from USC, Jason Smith, or Maclin.

You may be asking yourself, "Where does drafting a quarterback fit into all this?" Well, I thought of that. I was thinking Detroit could take Graham Harrell or Josh Freeman in rounds three or four.

Another option could be trading a third-round pick for a veteran pro quarterback.

As you can see, the options are nearly endless in all three of these situations. So why waste the first overall pick on Bradford or Stafford when you can get a quarterback nearly as good two or three rounds later? Plus, you can fill other necessary voids while still drafting great players.