I'd Like to Root For the Giants but the PSL's Make It Hard

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 10, 2009

I'm not a Giants fan.  I'm not an Eagles fan.   I have no stake in this game.  

I am a sports fan and an NFL fan and I live in the NYC area.   Last year I rooted for the Giants because they are local and my team was out (49ers) and I don't care about the Patriots either.   I never claimed to be Captain Giants or one of these front-runners that appear every January, just a local guy who rooted against the team from further away.   I was very happy for my Giant fan friends when the Giants won.

Then the Giants announced the PSLs.   I looked at my friend whose family has had tickets for 50 seasons.  The friend whose family somehow never gets offered Super Bowl tickets (zero for four games, do the math on that—surely someone is jumping ahead of him on line).   He got a bill for $20,000.

It offends me.

So what to do?  I'm going to watch this game.   Mets Police Junior likes the Giants.   Do I root against them?  Does that change anything?  The PSL's will still happen.  There's thousands of people waiting in line to give the Giants money for nothing.   Rooting for the Eagles does nothing for me.   Rooting against the Giants means   I'm likely to wind up with the boring Panthers in the Super Bowl.

I like to watch sports on TV, and thus I want the best possible Super Bowl.  I think I need to root for the Giants and the Steelers to maximize my own enjoyments of sporting events. Damn.


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