Cleveland Browns NFL Draft 2012: Why They Need Robert Griffin III

Joshua MoeschlCorrespondent IIIMarch 2, 2012

RG3Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns hold the No. 4 and the No. 22 picks in this April's NFL draft. However, they would be wise to trade these picks to the St. Louis Rams for the No. 2 overall pick in order to select Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. 

Cleveland is a fantastic football town. The fanbase is loyal to a fault and they deserve a winner. These fans are desperate for some kind of savior to help bring them back into football relevance. Colt McCoy is a nice project, but why spend time and money working on a sports car that needs so much work when you might have the ability to purchase a brand new Ferrari? 

RG3 is that Ferrari.

He exploded at the NFL Scouting Combine, running a 4.41 40-yard dash, fastest among QB's and second-fastest ever for a QB (Michael Vick ran a 4.33). To put that time in a more real-time perspective, Carolina's Cam Newton ran a 4.59, and he broke the NFL record last season for rushing touchdowns by a quarterback. 

The Browns haven't been to the playoffs since 2002 and RG3 could get them back there this season. Look what Newton did for Carolina and RG3 is supposed to be better than Cam. He will change an entire city's attitude overnight. 

Cleveland definitely sounds like the front-runner to get the No. 2 pick from the Rams. They have the best package to offer up in return. If necessary, they could even toss in a sixth- or a seventh-round pick in as well. Whatever the cost, this is a decision that Cleveland has to get right. If they decide to pass on trading up and RG3 lives up to his potential, the city will be crushed.

If the thought of losing LeBron was bad, imagine the backlash if they don't get RG3 and he turns out to be the most electric, game-changing QB the NFL has ever seen. If I'm Cleveland, I'll throw in a key to the city to make this deal work. The Browns need RG3 under center in 2012.