New York Giants 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Buying/Selling Matt Miller's Latest Picks

Jeff Shull@Jeff_ShullAnalyst IMarch 1, 2012

New York Giants 2012 NFL Mock Draft: Buying/Selling Matt Miller's Latest Picks

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    The 2012 NFL Combine is over, and Bleacher Report's own Matt Miller has released his most recent full 2012 NFL Mock Draft

    Miller's picks for the New York Giants are not bad, but I do have a few issues in the early rounds. This article will analyze all seven of his selections, and choose whether to buy or sell them. 

    Everyone has different ideas of what the Giants' needs are, but from an overall perspective Miller did a good job assessing them. 

Round 1, Pick 32: Orson Charles TE, Georgia

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    Miller decided to simply explain the picks in the first round, so we'll be able to quote what he had to say for this first round selection, but not any of the later picks. Here is Miller's reasoning for the Giants to take Orson Charles. 

    Orson Charles impressed me the first time I saw him play and continues to do so time and time again. He's a physical specimen that will open up new doors in the New York Giants offense.

    Tom Coughlin, while addressing the media at the combine, said the team wanted to add a tight end after ACL injuries hit Travis Beckum and Jake Ballard during the Super Bowl. Charles is the top-rated tight end on the board and would give New York an immediate presence in the middle of the field.

    I had gotten used to the idea of the Giants drafting a tight end in the first round, but now I'm skeptical as none of them really got to show off a first-round grade. 

    Dwayne Allen was disappointing, and Coby Fleener and Charles each decided not to run. They will be able to show off their speed and athleticism at their pro days, but for now they haven't had that chance. 

    However, there is no denying the Giants need a tight end, and while I feel this is a bit of a reach, it is foolish to think Charles will last all the way through another round. He is a good player and has freakish strength for a tight end. 

    Charles put up an incredible 35 bench press reps, which was the fourth-highest total over the weekend (7th place), and would have been second among offensive lineman.

    The knocks on Charles—poor route running, average athleticism—are probably not a big deal to the Giants, proven by their willingness to go with Jake Ballard all year long.

    I would much rather have Coby Fleener at this point (who Miller has going in the early third round) or an offensive lineman here, but I can't blame Miller for taking this pick.

    Conclusion: Buy 

Round 2, Pick 64: Jonathan Massaquoi OLB, Troy

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    If the Giants are going to pick a linebacker this early in the 2012 draft, I have to believe it will only be a result of Jonathan Goff not re-signing with the Giants, and will be a middle linebacker. 

    The Giants like their current corps of linebackers if they can get Goff to come back. Boley on the weak side and either Mathias Kiwanuka or Jacquian Williams on the strong side, depending on what happens with Osi Umenyiora. 

    Massaquoi is a developmental talent, but would be a much better fit in the 3-4 system. He doesn't have the talent to play outside linebacker and he is too small to play defensive end in a 4-3 for the Giants. 

    He weighed in at 264 pounds and was clocked at only 4.89, was underwhelming on the bench press with just 20 reps (which some wide receivers bested) and his athleticism proved average in the other drills. 

    I do not understand the pick, and especially this early. Miller would have been better served to pick an offensive lineman here. 

    Conclusion: Sell 

Round 3, Pick 96: AJ Jenkins WR, Illinois

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    There is no question A.J. Jenkins is athletically gifted and put up big numbers at Illinois in 2011, but I question the need for another wide receiver here. 

    OK, so Mario Manningham is not coming back. So what? The Giants have two receivers that nearly both went over 1,200 yards (Nicks was eight yards short), and they have plenty of backups that could replace Manningham if he chooses to leave. 

    Domenik Hixon and Devin Thomas are free agents, but the Giants will do what they can to bring them back, and Jerrell Jernigan is entering his sophomore season. Let's also not forget Ramses Barden, who could still be a productive receiver if he stays healthy. 

    None of those guys may wow you, casual NFL fan, but us Giants fans know they provide value. Jernigan was taken in the third round last year, I doubt the Giants take another receiver in the first three rounds. 

    Conclusion: Sell 

Round 4, Pick 128: Josh Robinson CB, Central Florida

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    I definitely do not question the validity of selecting a cornerback here, but I'm not sure Josh Robinson will still be around at this point. 

    After a couple of reaches in the first three selections, Miller went with someone who improved his stock at the combine and will likely be picked in the first two days. 

    Robinson ran a combine best 4.33 40 and jumped 11'1'' for his broad jump. Combine that with a 38" vertical and you have a pure athlete who could be a steal in the second or third round. 

    If he somehow makes it this far I am all for it, but I have to disagree based on his current rise. 

    Conclusion: Sell (the player, not the position)

Round 5, Pick 160: Vick Ballard RB, Mississippi State

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    Given the current state of the negotiations between Brandon Jacobs and the New York Giants, there is a high possibility Jacobs will be cut by next Thursday, when he is due a $500,000 roster bonus. 

    Working with the assumption he will not remain on the team, which has said he will have to take a major pay cut to do so, the Giants will be looking for a replacement in free agency or the draft.

    Ballard, despite his hilarious stumble on his first attempt at the 40, is a good runner with impressive instincts. He is a bigger back, but unfortunately does not run like it at times. If he did he would be a much higher round prospect.

    What gives him good value for the Giants is he is a willing pass blocker and reliable out of the backfield as a receiver.

    Conclusion: Buy 

Round 6, Pick 192: Tysyn Hartman FS, Kansas State

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    At 6'3'', 208 pounds Hartman is a big-bodied defensive back who could be a replacement for Deon Grant, who is a free agent and would be entering his 13th season in the NFL. 

    The Giants found a ton of value in the sixth round last year with Tyler Sash and Jacquian Williams, and could do it again if Hartman falls all the way through. 

    Hartman made the All-Big 12 team in 2011, collecting 62 tackles and three interceptions. He also made an Academic All-Big 12 first team in 2010, and displays leadership on and off the field. He could be a good addition to special teams if anything else. 

    Conclusion: Buy

Round 7, Pick Trevin Wade CB, Arizona

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    Really not much to say when you get this late. The Giants have been known to draft defensive ends and cornerbacks late in drafts, so I don't have a problem with this. 

    Wade is a decent corner who could be a special teams contributor early on. The Giants have four corners set to hit the free agent market, so drafting two may not be out of the question. 

    Conclusion (Buy) 

    Side Note

    You have realized by now that Miller did not have the Giants selecting an offensive lineman at all in the draft. It is either negligence or he believes the Giants will fix the problem in free agency. I cannot imagine he thinks the offensive line is fine the way it is. 

    That said, overall I believe he did an decent job assessing the Giants' needs. Replace the second- and third-round picks with two offensive lineman and it would have been a perfect mock for the Giants from a positional standpoint.