Robert Griffin III: Should the Cleveland Browns or Other Buyers Beware?

Craig HortonCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2012

Will the Browns try to trade up and draft Robert Griffin III?
Will the Browns try to trade up and draft Robert Griffin III?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Unless everybody on the planet is wrong, the Indianapolis Colts will select Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck with the first pick of the 2012 NFL Draft.

This will leave the Heisman Trophy-winner, Robert Griffin III of Baylor, as the next quarterback to be selected.

With the St. Louis Rams willing to trade their No. 2 pick, the Browns may find themselves with the opportunity to draft RGIII. The Browns are in the best position to make this trade. They hold two first-round picks—No. 4 and No. 22.

The Rams most likely could get the same player at No. 4 that they could at No. 2. In addition, by trading with Cleveland, the Rams would not be shipping a potential franchise player to an NFC team.

The Browns are among the teams who will talk to the Rams about trading picks. Those teams are looking to draft a player with unlimited potential.

However, even with his unlimited potential, there could be one concerning thing about RGIII.

It has nothing to do necessarily with him, but where he comes from—the Big 12 Conference.

The Big 12 Conference has long been known as a conference where the defenses lag behind. Is that really true, or just a myth?

Griffin led an offense in 2011 that was second in total offense, and third in passing. He did this against some of the nation's worst defenses.

Among Big 12 teams, Kansas was ranked last nationally at 120. Others were Texas Tech (114), Oklahoma State (105) and Iowa State (95). The only Big 12 team that ranked above 55 was Texas at 11.

Baylor's opponent in the Alamo Bowl was Washington. Baylor beat the Huskies, who were 106th in total defense, 67-56.

Quarterbacks from the Big 12 struggled in the NFL in 2011. None were rated higher than 26th. None were in the playoffs, or even had a winning record. If the Browns draft Griffin, it will be to replace another Big 12 product, Colt McCoy.

Does this mean that Griffin's NFL career is doomed to fail?

Absolutely not, but it's something to think about before paying the Rams such a high price.