Should the Cleveland Browns or Washington Redskins Trade for Robert Griffin III?

John JenkinsContributor IIIFebruary 27, 2012

How many draft picks is Griffin III worth?
How many draft picks is Griffin III worth?

     After an impressive NFL Scouting Combine performance, Robert Griffin III's draft stock appears to have risen, and the Saint Louis Rams could not be happier.  Their draft choice just became one of the most valuable picks in recent history.  It is highly unlikely that the Rams will use their number two overall draft pick to select a quarterback since they have a guy by the name of Sam Bradford, but it is believed that the Rams have the pick that is required to draft Robert Griffin III.

    Who needs him?  And what will it take to get him?  The Cleveland Browns and the Washington Redskins are two teams who are rumored to have interest, and the asking price is at least two first round picks.  The key words in that sentence are "at least".  Former Redskins GM Vinny Cerrato went on Cleveland's 92.3 The Fan and stated that he thinks it will take both of the Brown's first round picks and their second round pick.  Is Robert Griffin worth it?

     Cleveland has a variety of needs that need to be filled.  Their quarterback struggles may be a result of an injury plagued and ineffective offensive line, a poor running game and a lack of a downfield target.  If the Browns stay put, they could fill at least two of those needs in the first round instead of filling a need that may not be necessary.  With the 4th overall pick they can draft the best offensive tackle in the draft in Matt Kalil and draft a wide receiver with their 22nd overall pick. Noter Dame's Michael Floyd or Griffin's former teammate Kendall Wright are potential options for incumbent QB Colt McCoy.  Perhaps instead of drafting a stud offensive tackle to compliment Joe Thomas, they can take the number one receiver overall in Justin Blackmon and pick up the local product in offensive tackle Mike Adams.  And if the Browns are still hung up on "upgrading" their quarterback position there's always Texas A & M's Ryan Tannehill.

     Then there are the Washington Redskins who hold the number six overall pick in the draft.  Few teams need a quarterback worse than the Washington Redskins.  When Rex Grossman and John Beck are the best options at quarterback, problems usually persist.  So do the Redskins give up a king's ransom to bring in Griffin III?  Maybe...or maybe not.  Like the Browns, the 'Skins have a lot of needs in similar areas.  Washington has few options at wide receiver and their offensive line still needs help.  And will they be able to bring back safety LeRon Landry?  Part of the reason the Redskins are drafting sixth overall is because they have constantly traded away their draft picks under the ownership of Dan Snyder.  Going for the big splash hasn't always benefited them in the past and having so few draft picks has not helped much either.  Instead of giving up half their draft, maybe trying to use free agencey for the quarterback needs is the way to go.

Here's a question, who are consistently the best teams in the NFL?  The Patriots, Steelers, Packers, and Ravens come to mind.  And how are these teams built?  The answer is they are built through the draft with key free agent additions and not by trading away their draft picks.  With so many needs the Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins should at least consider holding their ground and try to build a foundation before building the rooftop.