Peyton Manning: Odds of Dates He Will Be Released

Eric SmithCorrespondent IIIFebruary 24, 2012

Peyton Manning: Odds of Dates He Will Be Released

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    We all now know it’s inevitable that Peyton Manning is going to be released from the Colts at some point very soon. If you still think he’s going to be a Colt, you’re in serious denial and need to move on.

    Manning’s roster bonus is due March 8th, as that is the target date to when he’s either going to be let go or re-signed. With Manning being owed $28 million and him still not healthy enough to play, he’s going to be released.

    This slideshow includes the odds for the date range that Manning will be relieved of his quarterbacking duties as a Colt. The March 8th deadline, and the March 3rd deadline for season ticket holders, are big dates to key in on.

February 24th-27th—8 to 1

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    Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning are supposed to meet and talk about the future of Manning and the Colts franchise.

    They want to get this done somewhat soon with the March 8th deadline looming.

    I think the meeting will basically consist of Irsay telling Manning he will not pay him the $28 million and that the Colts have built this team around him not being there.

    The decision is already made.

    I think this date range would be possible, but would Irsay really want to release him before the deadline and before the season ticket renewal deadline?

February 28th-March 2nd—5 to 1

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    This date range is getting closer to the release of Manning with the season ticket deadline the next day. It’s possible Irsay would be kind to the fans and let them know that Manning will no longer be a Colt prior to the deadline.

    I don’t see that happening yet, but it wouldn’t surprise me either way.

    Irsay doesn’t want to be the bad guy and look bad upon like his father was. Manning doesn’t want to look bad like he’s leaving the franchise after all the good that he’s done.

    That’s why I feel this is the second best odds, but doesn’t really make much sense to release him yet.


March 3rd-8th—2 to 1

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    This is the timeframe that has the best odds of Manning getting released.

    The season ticket deadline, and the deadline for Manning’s option is during this timeframe.

    I think Manning will be released closer to the March 8th date, but it definitely will fall during this timeframe.

    Like stated in the previous slide, both parties don’t want to look bad in the public eye. I think they will use all the time up to the deadline to get it worked out where it’s mutual and there’s no so much backlash.

    Lets be honest, there will be tons of irate Colts fans once he is released, but delaying it until this timeframe, and making sure both parties choose their words carefully will help.

March 9th-NFL Draft—50 to 1

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    Obviously we will do a wider range since it’s past the deadline.

    There’s a chance Manning can waive that March 8th date and push it back, but why would he?

    He doesn’t owe the Colts anything at all. If anything the Colts owe him for everything that he’s made this franchise and city into.

    When teams are out there willing to pay him $28 million, why extend a deadline for a team that’s already hinted that they don’t want you? Why come back to a 2-14 team when Manning wants to make Super Bowl runs?

    This Colts team is heading into a new direction and have made hires based off of that.

    Why would Manning want to come be apart of a rebuilding effort for less money when he can be signed for max money and have a threat to win a Super Bowl immediately?

    That’s why this date range has the worst odds, but it definitely will happen before the Draft if it hasn’t happened before the previous three date ranges in the slides.

    The Colts want to know what direction to go in with drafting people this year, so why keep the uncertainty around, when you can have a fresh start in April?