Oakland Raiders' Draft Speculation: Round One

Aron OchsnerContributor IJanuary 7, 2009

There has been a lot of disappointment with the Raiders this season with the firing of a promising young head coach and the blow-out losses and some bad play calling. Things have been looking up though after two wins against decent teams, one at home against a Texans team that was on a streak and the second on the road in Tampa against a playoff contender.

The second, especially, showed a young team that has some potential when they came back from a 10-point deficit in the fourth quarter. This showed good blocking by Mario Henderson at left tackle, good reads by JaMarcus, and good clutch catches by both young wide receivers.

Also, with a new defensive coordinator, I believe we can have something akin to a great defense, one that all teams are scared to play, that has a core of young players. Defensive end has been talked about but we drafted one last year named Trevor Scott who tied all rookies in sacks, albeit he played in only four games.

If we can hold on to some people who's contract expires this year then we can be good. The one area I think we HAVE to draft at would be somewhere on the offensive tackle. There are four positions on the line to be looked at: LT, RT, LG, and RG.

Left tackle for most of the year has had terrible play with Kwame Harris, but improved with Mario Henderson. Left tackle would be a position to draft in the later rounds, but not one for the first round.

Robert Gallery, although a bust at left tackle, has found his niche at Left Guard, having a good, if not better, season. I think that right tackle needs to be replaced by a young player and that is where we should go with this year's first round pick at No. 7.

With a young tackle on the left side protecting our QB's blind side and a talented rookie on the right tackle position, plus solid guards, our three-headed monster at RB can really lift off.