Super Bowl 2012: Why John and Jim Harbaugh Would Make for Epic Showdown

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Super Bowl 2012: Why John and Jim Harbaugh Would Make for Epic Showdown
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Every Super Bowl needs to feature a great storyline, and this year there would be no greater one than seeing John and Jim Harbaugh going head-to-head on the biggest stage of them all. 

Sure, watching a rematch between the New England Patriots and the New York Giants would be entertaining, but to have two brothers battling for the most coveted trophy in sports would be sensational. 

The first meeting between John's Baltimore Ravens and Jim's San Francisco 49ers was on Thanksgiving Day, and the family affair was close for the majority but the Ravens pulled away in the fourth quarter to win, 16-6. 

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While the game lacked a ton of flare, it did show that these two teams are evenly matched, which is what you want to see in the Super Bowl.

Being the last true NFL game of the season, the Super Bowl needs to be superb. There is no denying that the Ravens and 49ers would be an intense matchup.

Yes, it'd be another defensive battle, but it wouldn't be as weak as the BCS National Championship Game.

Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Joe Flacco and Ray Rice would be able to produce some offense, despite the fact this matchup would be the No. 3 defense versus the No. 4 defense. 

Both teams have show they can score, and since it'd be the second time they would play each other, the offense would come through this time around. 

Of course, we'd likely see a few field goals, but Smith and Flacco have been passing the ball well, so some touchdowns would occur. 

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Again, it all comes back to the storyline, and seeing two brothers go at it would be a game for the ages. Their father, Jack Harbaugh, who also used to coach football, did a recent radio interview and was asked how he would react to seeing his two sons play in the Super Bowl. 

His response, via

That’s a long way away and we haven’t thought about it, discussed it, so we just kinda play that out. The most important thing is this is about Jim and John and we hope that they both have success as all parents out there can understand that have children that are involved in any type of activity.

Clearly, it was something he was prepared for, but there is no doubt that deep down a Ravens vs. 49ers matchups is what Jack is rooting for. 

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Fans would definitely be thrilled to see two hard hitting teams with great offensive playmakers showcase their skills in the national spotlight. 

Should the Ravens and the 49ers meet in the Super Bowl, it would appropriately be labeled the Harbaugh Bowl. 

It would also ensure that the Super Bowl would not be a blowout, which is something people fear every year. With so many parties going on, nobody wants to watch a game that's already over by halftime. 

With San Francisco and Baltimore playing for the title, all four quarters would be worth watching, and that is why Round 2 of the Harbaugh Bowl would be epic. 

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