Oakland Raiders Launch a New Era in Franchise History

Honor Warren Wells TheTorch@dbintayaelSenior Writer IIJanuary 16, 2012

Welcome, Mr. Reggie McKenzie.
Welcome, Mr. Reggie McKenzie.Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

All of the talk about the Oakland Raiders getting a general manager points us to a new day with renewed hope for 2012.

Reggie McKenzie was an Oakland Raider during the days of Marcus Allen and Jim Plunkett. McKenzie was coached by Tom Flores.

His experience with the Green Bay Packers equips him to manage a team like the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders desire a "quick turnaround" to head toward securing playoffs and a Super Bowl.

After I listened to his press conference more than five times, I heard a message of inclusion and unity.

It occurred to me that one thing makes McKenzie's former affiliation unique: There is some form of ownership among the fans. There is pride of ownership and a way to demonstrate commitment by purchasing "stock."

Here are some questions I want to place in the public domain:

Decisions are being made throughout the Oakland Raiders franchise. Changes are in the wind. A new GM with experience with both the Oakland Raiders and the Green Bay Packers is in place.

Should Mark Davis consider restructuring the ownership of the Oakland Raiders and, thereby, offer an opportunity for the Raider Nation fans to become stockholders?

Would this strategy help to raise money for a stadium in or near Oakland, California?

In a recent press conference Mr. Davis said that he has a very large "extended family." Well, if we are in the family, then wouldn't it be a good thing to have a piece of the ownership?

If the Oakland Raiders are going to infuse some of the wisdom of managing and building the Green Bay Packers, then doesn't it make sense to open up the ownership to the Raider Nation, and those who invest will help to keep the Oakland Raiders in Oakland?

If you are concerned about the recent moves in the Oakland Raiders franchise, then you might want to start an open discussion of a few issues.

Go Raiders! Talk, Raider Nation. Share your wisdom!

It certainly ought to be proper to simply ask questions. Let's see if any answers come forth.