New York Giants' Offseason Wishlist: 7 Positions That Need to Be Upgraded

Ryan SimonCorrespondent IIJanuary 3, 2012

New York Giants' Offseason Wishlist: 7 Positions That Need to Be Upgraded

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    The New York Giants have obvious positions that don't need improvement (quarterback) and other positions that desperately need help (linebacker).

    We'll run through seven of these positions in fairly short fashion, and even though it's hard for the Giants to make significant improvement on all these position in just one offseason, one can always hope. 

Tight End

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    I know it's hard to find a good tight end, but a playoff-bound team should have a better starting tight end than Jake Ballard. 

    He's done a good job this season, but the New York Giants should look to upgrade this position with a TE who's a little faster off the line of scrimmage. 

    A two tight-end set wouldn't be the worst thing for the G-Men down the road, especially when the snow starts falling and throwing accurate balls gets a little harder. 

Running Back

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    It's nice that the running game for the New York Giants has some life now, as evident by the two touchdowns Ahmad Bradshaw got against the Dallas Cowboys—but this unit could obviously improve.

    Brandon Jacobs will probably never be dominant again, and Ahmad Bradshaw is one bad fumble away from every Giants fan calling for his head. 

    I'm also not a fan of the injuries to this core throughout the season.

    You're not building around D.J. Ware, and Da'Rel Scott still needs some time before he's ready. 

    The G-Men need an upgrade here badly, especially if Tom Coughlin, who loves running the ball is going to remain the head coach next season. 


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    I'm not a big fan of the whole "kicking" element of the NFL, but it's crucial to the way it's currently set up.

    Lawrence Tynes missed a field goal against the Dallas Cowboys last week, and the Cowboys proceeded to march down the field and could've put points on the board if Tony Romo didn't get called for a forward pass.

    Missed field goals give the other team momentum and could ultimately cost a team a game.

    The Giants need a better picker than Tynes. 

Offensive Line

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    ...It's been a long season for the New York Giants' offensive line.

    Injuries have played a part, but lack of overall skill has played another. Kevin Boothe has stepped up lately, Chris Snee is Chris Snee, but it's been a rough year overall. 

    Kareem Mckenzie is great, but he's not getting any younger.

    David Baas could've had a worst year, but he's not exactly the best prospect in the world at center. 

    The Giants should look to improve this unit as a whole, as well as finding a guard who can learn behind Snee while he's still playing at a high level.

Punt Returner

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    The New York Giants need to find a player who can do better on punt returns.

    Plain and simple. 

    I'm not saying to go out there and find the next Devin Hester (that'd be nice) but just find a guy who can put Eli Manning and the Giants offense in better field position. 

    Oh, and could this new guy not fumble the ball? That would be nice too. 

Defensive Tackle

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    No offense to Chris Canty or Linval Joseph, but the defensive tackles of the New York Giants pale in comparison to the defensive ends. 

    The G-Men draft very well at the DE position, but DT can be improved.

    Losing Marvin Austin early hurt, but it's also worth a shot to take a look at a promising DT in the draft. (Devon Still anyone?)


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    Never really hurts to improve here. Linebackers are becoming more and more important in the NFL.

    With mobile quarterbacks on the rise, as well as the emergence of tight ends, you better have a good linebacker core.

    Sadly, the New York Giants do not. 

    Michael Boley and Mathias Kiwanuka are doing all they can, but they need help.


    Losing Jonathan Goff as the starting middle linebacker didn't hurt, but the Giants need a shot of athletic youth at quite frankly any linebacker position.