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  2. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    I am coming to you live from a Brandon, Mississippi Waffle House. I, a total loser, came in last place in my fantasy football league. As punishment, I spend 24 hours in a Waffle House. Every waffle I eat shaves an hour off the clock. It’s 4:07 Central. https://t.co/oRugzU7rQT

  3. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    I got some books, some magazines and some podcasts. And two waffles to start.

  4. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Figured I’d enjoy the first 2 https://t.co/Mr7xQMRPTs

  5. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    The cook this evening is telling me about the time he got shot in the chest — and also that he really likes working here. Anyways, ordering 2 more and getting on with it

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  7. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    2 down. That means two hours down. 21.37 hours left roughly. Already my stomach is rumbling. Gonna be a long one. The staff does not believe me that I’ll be here that long... little do they know

  8. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    1:10 into it. Two more waffles and one human who is dead on the inside https://t.co/zf0jeklKq1

  9. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Four waffles down. Been here for 1.5 hours, so that means I have 18.5 to go. I am already in immense discomfort. Please, somebody, launch me into the sun https://t.co/LyyZObcmQ3

  10. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Two children, can’t be older than 6, are up at the touch tunes. Absolutely jazzed to hear whatever bangers they picked out as soon as Enter Sandman finishes

  11. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin


  12. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Per my league commissioner, I am allowed to sit in the parking lot and also if I puke it won’t count against me. This won’t recalibrate the strategy tho

  13. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    waffle number 5. Just hit the 2,000 calorie mark and feeling grrrrrreat https://t.co/D9nltPbKJX

  14. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Officially stuck in neutral. Need to find that extra gear and push through this waffle. Ts & Ps please https://t.co/eMglzaZAO6

  15. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Found that extra something and polished off waffle 5. That’s 5 hours shaved off and an incredible amount of agony for my intestines. 16 hours to go

  16. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Meanwhile, in the outside world https://t.co/Qwxp7k2LcU

  17. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Waffle number 6 and I’m eagerly staring into the abyss, hoping for it all to end. Also, 4 hours down now https://t.co/XtmPpUNOHk

  18. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Damn this 6th waffle is not going down. Got my first shift change here and homies are getting a good tip. Lookin’ to rally here

  19. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    I found my roster from like week 8 or whatever. Just not good. Also, I am definitely puking soon https://t.co/L7l2xFmUF9

  20. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    What’s up: back from my brief stint getting some phone juice. Got some coffee in an effort to get ~ t h i n g s ~ moving. Sorry to the haters who thought I’d spend the night sleeping https://t.co/hmBR6VlL03

  21. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Hello. It is hour 7. Where we stand: 6 waffles consumed. 11 hours remain. Insides are in shambles, but two kind Mississippians came in and gave me some Rolaids. Shoutout those people. Yr boy is in PAIN

  22. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    It’s 4:07 a.m., I have 5 hours to go and I’m out of @ShutdownFullcas episodes and the crossword I was doing is meh at best. At 6, I’m gonna order two (2) waffles and try and get them down. That would bring me up 9 and get me out of here by 7.

  23. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    Miley Cyrus’ The Climb is playing in this Waffle House and I think it’s time to try and put down those last 2 waffles and go home. This was real. At times it was fun. But, it was never really fun.

  24. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    All that stands between me and going home in the next 30 minutes. So damn close. https://t.co/2EgD4Dajdv

  25. Lee Sanderlin @LeeOSanderlin

    The sun is rising, it’s a new day and I’m never eating waffles again. That’s 9 waffles and 15 hours in this restaurant. S/o to the staff for letting me hang out on a slow night (I tipped them well don’t worry). This was horrible and I recommend no one ever do this. https://t.co/PDGsuHYINf