NFL Week 16 Predictions: Andy Reid and More Coaches That Will Land in Hot Seat

Michael DixonAnalyst IIIDecember 23, 2011

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 11:  Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid looks on during a game against the Miami Dolphins at Sun Life Stadium on December 11, 2011 in Miami Gardens, Florida.  (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)
Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

To some extent, the coaching carousel has already started. We've seen coaches fired this season, and we're certainly going to see more fired at the end of the year. 

After this week's action, these coaches will all find themselves firmly on the hot seat. From there, it won't be long before they are looking for a new job.


Chan Gailey

You can't start a season 5-2, only to enter the final week of the season 5-10. When that happens, heads need to roll, and that starts with the head coach. That's what's going to happen to the Bills, who take on Tim Tebow and the Broncos on Saturday. For good measure, they take on the Patriots the following week.

Gailey was never a good hire for the Bills. That's the kind of team that needs a young guy looking to make a name for himself. They tend to be far more aggressive and willing to try the kind of things that need to be done to compete with teams like the Patriots and Jets. Gailey has just done enough to consistently maintain that level of football. 

The Broncos won't struggle with the Bills, nor will the Patriots. If Gailey is brought back, it sends a terrible message to the Bills and their fans.


Andy Reid

Given the shortened training camp and radical roster moves that the Eagles had to deal with, I would say that Reid deserves another season. But I am not the one making that decision.

No, the people doing that are looking at one simple fact. A lot of money was spent on to improve a team that won the division a season ago. That team will not go any better than .500 and even if they win on Sunday, they will need a lot of help to get to the playoffs. 

That's not going to be acceptable. I have the Cowboys beating the Eagles in Dallas. As a result, Reid will become a lame duck, if he's even kept for the final week.


Norv Turner

While the Chargers aren't a "Dream Team," they are far and away the most talented team in the AFC West. So, missing the playoffs two years in a row is not acceptable. That's what's going to happen in San Diego. 

Unlike the Eagles, the Chargers have kept largely the same team over the years, so there's no excuse for a shortened training camp, or players playing unusual roles.

San Diego needs a new voice to come in and guide the team. Turner is a fine coordinator, but his track record as a head coach is not good enough to allow him to stay.

After losing to the Lions, the Chargers will be out of the playoffs.