Most Overrated Power Hitters Ever

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Most Overrated Power Hitters Ever
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Prince Fielder is going to make less via MLB free agency this winter than he would in an informational vacuum, just because Mo Vaughn once signed a bad deal with the Anaheim Angels. It may not be fair, but it's the truth.

After 140 years of playing the game, baseball teams and fans somehow still have not developed a fine-grained system for differentiating power hitters from one another. The sabermetric revolution has helped a bit, but far too many people still rely on counting numbers like home runs and RBI when evaluating sluggers.

We've evolved to the point where we all realize—a decade too late—that Albert Belle was a much better batter than Juan Gonzalez, but if real progress had been made, Fielder would not have to worry about comparisons with a previous big-money bust, simply because that player was also fat and relied on power for value.

Vaughn isn't the only slugger in the annals of the game who remains too high in fans' and analysts' esteem. Here are the 25 most overrated power hitters in MLB history.

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