Kyle Orton and 5 NFL Players Making the Most of 2nd Chances

Adam OdekirkContributor IIDecember 19, 2011

Kyle Orton and 5 NFL Players Making the Most of 2nd Chances

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    Christmas time is a time for forgiveness and second chances in the world.

    Sometimes the NFL can be a cruel place that chews up its stars, exposes their biggest flaws and leaves them for dead on the scrap heap.

    Here are some players that found a way to rise above that fate and make the most of the second chances they were given this NFL season.

Kyle Orton

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    Todd Haley must be wishing that he lasted one more week in Kansas City to see Kyle Orton play and potentially save his job.

    Even if Haley had survived, there's no way of knowing if he would have handed the reigns to Orton like Crennel did this week and ran the offense the same way. 

    Orton has entered Kansas City trying to make a case for a lucrative contract in the offseason, and it may not be far fetched to believe it could be in Kansas City.

    Orton is surely eyeing the final game of the season against the Broncos and hoping that it's a chance to knock his former team out of playoff contention and secure his future NFL fate.

Matt Moore

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    Speaking of destinations for Kyle Orton, he was dangerously close to becoming a member of the Miami Dolphins prior to the season starting.

    Instead, when Chad Henne was knocked out, it was Matt Moore who took over and is quietly making a case that he could be the quarterback of the future for the Dolphins.

    He's clicking with star wideout Brandon Marshall and is being benefited by another teammate who follows him on this list.

Reggie Bush

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    "Reggie Bush is not an every-down back, he's only effective on third down out of the backfield!"

    Having a nickel for every time that statement was uttered in New Orleans could have filled the Super Dome. Now, the statement does not ring quite as true.

    Bush is giving the Dolphins everything that he has, and they are being rewarded for their belief in him. Bush has been dynamic when he needs to be and a consistent contributor to the Dolphins offense. 

    Bush has reinvented himself and found a new home in South Beach.

Felix Jones

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    Felix Jones had lost his starting role to DeMarco Murray through a combination of injury and stellar play from Murray in the Cowboys' backfield.

    Well, in a turn of poetic justice for Jones, the injury to Murray has paved the way for Felix to reclaim his starting spot and he has not disappointed. 

    Jones has chewed up yards and carries for the Cowboys offense and has helped open things up for Tony Romo and the Dallas passing game. 

Alex Smith

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    Alex Smith may be beyond a second chance in San Francisco as he has been replaced many times by various quarterbacks over the years.

    However, this season under Jim Harbaugh, the embattled quarterback has elevated his game and is firmly entrenched as the starting quarterback for the surprising 49ers.

    How he handles himself in the playoffs may be the true indication of whether or not Alex Smith is here to stay as the starting quarterback for San Francisco into the future.