How an Irresponsible Media Disrespected Bill Bilichick and Others

patsin09Contributor IDecember 30, 2008

The media. Most people in the sports world hear the word every day, and most players in the sports world ignore it. Why is that?

We as Americans know that the media lies. Know matter if they're suppose to or not, they lie. The people want to hear a good story and its their job to give it to them. So they do it, regardless of who gets hurt.

Media manipulation is something that is used everyday, and it's up to us as the people listening to it, to search for the truth.

In the fall of 2007, the media got a story they loved. The famous Bill Belichick was accused of cheating in a game against the Jets. The story was later to be proved true, the punishment was given and it was ended.

Then out of know where some guy named Matt Walsh decided to put his name out there, saying he could put Belichick in more trouble. Claiming all sorts of things he had on Bill.

As you might of noticed as a sports fan, the media flocked to this story like ants. Making assumptions for weeks, giving the holder of three Superbowl rings a HUGE distraction that can't be understated through out the season. What does this man do regardless? He wins 17 in a row with this distraction on his back, the best season of his career.

With every win, the "spy-gate" story got bigger and bigger, and Matt Walsh was saying how he had so much material on Belichick, and the public loved it. And it makes sense why they did, being the winningest coach in the past few years. The media took what little they had to work with and made it a story.

A man in Hawaii, retired from his sport, with questionable motives and credibility, claiming something that no one in the world knew was true! A year and a little more later, absolutely nothing, other then the Jets game on that September afternoon, has proved true. What a lot of players and fans wanted to believe, was that Belichick always won because of his cheating.

But I must ask, where is the proof? No one can believe that a rule change, put in place that year provoked Belichick to try to use it to his advantage as much as possible? Yes its cheating, but one time. Damaging his reputation, but not the amazing things he has done

The more people look into it themselves, the more they will see how much of a wave they really were riding along with the media about the so called "Spy-Gate scandal."

Looking in the rulebook, and looking at the rule. Reading articles and statements by Roger Goodell. Looking at motives of Senator Arlin Spector, a  senator in the state of Pennsylvania. The state of the same Eagles that Brady and the Patriots beat in Super Bowl XXXIX.

Ask yourself why, if Arlin was so bothered by this, why he couldn't help with the NBA referee scandal too. These are the kind of stories a person MUST to look into before coming up with a conclusion based on Media hoopla.

They give you a story that you want to hear, and sell it until they can't anymore. Bill Belichick is an innocent man and all three of his Superbowl rings are hard earned and deserved. And until proof is established, he should be treated like one. Assumptions are dangerous, especially in todays world.

Put all bias, and what you want to believe as a fan aside, and simply look at the facts.