2012 NFL Draft: 7 Players the Miami Dolphins Should Target

Jorden Bonanno@JordenBonannoCorrespondent IDecember 18, 2011

2012 NFL Draft: 7 Players the Miami Dolphins Should Target

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    The Miami Dolphins have struggled over the past few years in some very specific areas.

    With a new coach coming in next year and an owner with a win-now mentality, it is a fact that we need to grab some prime players that will be heading into this year's draft. 

    This year's draft class will be key for Miami to go all out on and pick up some stellar performers. If we can do that, than I would have very high hopes for this team next year. 

    Let's take a look at the seven players that the Miami Dolphins should target going into the draft.

Round 1: Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

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    This man is a playmaker.

    Some argue that Robert Griffin III is a mixture of Philip Rivers and Michael Vick. I would say that's pretty good. Not only has Griffin won the Heisman Trophy this year, he also has led his Baylor team to a 9-3 record. 

    Griffin is a dynamic player with great leadership qualities and a real passion for the game. He fits well in Miami because he is an attention grabber, and Stephen Ross is looking to fill up his stadium. 

    Matt Moore has played fairly well during his short career in Miami, but it looks as if he will not be the long-term quarterback. I have no problem with drafting a QB in the first round because, after all, we haven't done that since Dan Marino back in 1983. 

Round 2: Barrett Jones, OT, Alabama

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    Offensive tackle is definitely a position that the Miami Dolphins need to draft early.

    It has been tough watching player after player run right past Mark Colombo and sack the QB. I just cannot take it anymore! He needs to go.

    Barrett Jones would be a great pick for Miami in the second round of the draft. He has been the foundation on Alabama's ever-so-dominant offensive line. They have the leading rusher in the NCAA, and a top five offense to prove that this team's OL is great. 

    It really helps to protect your QB, and that is something that Miami has struggled with all year. It would be a great addition to have Jones, but if not him, you can count on there being a different OT in place of Mark Colombo come next season.

Round 3: Markelle Martin, S, Oklahoma St.

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    Both Chris Clemons and Reshad Jones have their pros and cons, but it's time for these Miami Dolphins safeties to start showing some consistency. It seems that when they need to creep back and help out on the long pass, they are always caught in the wrong place short of the ball.

    Haven't you noticed that Miami gives up the big play far too much?

    This is where we draw the line. I think that the Miami Dolphins should go after safety Markelle Martin from OSU. He shows great athleticism and has great eyes for the ball. He has struggled a little bit in man coverage, but that usually takes a while to develop.

    Another great attribute of Markelle Martin is that he hits hard! We have been lacking that quality with some of our safeties, so that is great news for the Dolphins. 

    Whether or not we draft Martin, safety is definitely a position that we must address in the draft. 

Round 4: Xavier Rhodes, CB, Florida State

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    Xavier Rhodes is a well-rounded, big-bodied CB who may or may not come out in the 2012 NFL Draft.

    He is only a sophomore, but he shows the skill set of pro player. At 6'2'' and 215 pounds, Rhodes has amazing size and plays with great physicality. 

    Because of his versatility and strength at the position, Rhodes would be a great pick for the Miami Dolphins, since they don't have any depth in the cornerback position.

    Even if Rhodes doesn't come out in the 2012 draft, the Dolphins definitely should not overlook that position.

Round 5: Ladarius Green, TE, Louisiana-Lafayette

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    This 6'6", 236-pound TE from Louisiana-Lafayette looks as if he deserves a shot at the NFL level.

    Miami has struggled with keeping up with teams like the Patriots with Rob Gronkowski or the Saints with Jimmy Graham.

    I think it is time to step up the offensive game and start integrating a more TE-friendly system. It is obvious that the NFL is becoming a passing league and with that comes all of the offensive weapons.

    Ladarius Green is a powerhouse of a TE. With great height, strength and speed, he is everything this team needs.

    He also has great hands, which just adds to his playmaking abilities. I don't think that TE is Miami's top need, but it would be great to have a TE big enough to match up with some of the others in this league.

Round 6: Stephen Good, OG, Oklahoma

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    Neither Vernon Carey nor Richie Incognito has been at the top of their game this season for the Miami Dolphins, which is why they need to draft Stephen Good of Oklahoma.

    He is a solid guard, and the lack of depth Miami has at this position is not good.

    But why not make it good, with Stephen Good! He has experience from a great team and is well prepared to play in the NFL.

    As I mentioned, it has been tough watching the offensive line struggle week-in and week-out with different defenses. I have had enough with this nonsense; it is time to straighten up this line and give the quarterback the protection he needs.

    He might be a little undersized for now, but I'm sure he can fix that, if he wants a starting job in the NFL. 

Round 7: OLB, Josh Kaddu, Oregon

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    Josh Kaddu out of Oregon is a real athletic and aggressive player. He needs to work on his strength, but an upside is his incredible tackling ability. He also has a very strong ability to contribute on special teams.

    The Miami Dolphins have a great Cameron Wake and an aging Jason Taylor in the OLB positions right now, but with Jason Taylor possibly retiring after this season, we will be lacking depth in the position.

    Koa Misi would then probably move to the starting role. That being said, I think it would be smart to draft a solid backup outside linebacker. It is definitely not a priority, but it is something that I feel needs to be addressed.

    If the Miami Dolphins can address these main positions in the 2012 draft, then I think they will have a shot at being playoff contenders next year.