For New York Mets, NLCS is Automatic

Sean MatraiContributor IDecember 29, 2008

Let me put it to you guys this way the National League sucks, except for a few of teams who actually have a shot at making playoffs.  I will briefly go over every team in the NL and rate them from 1-10, 1 being the worst 10 being the best, obviously no team deserves a 10.  Here we go...

NL East

1.  Atlanta Braves: This team is just plain sad.  They lost out to Burnett because they didn't  give him the extra year and they lost on Furcal, however they did acquire Boone and did acquire Javier Vasquez.  They have an OK lineup; they have Chipper Jones ,and the have a great catcher in Brian McCann but otherwise this team needs a lot more work.  Maybe free agency can help them out.

Rating 4/10

2.  Florida Marlins: They just got rid of talent that they had, the talent that made them possible playoff contenders. For instance, they got rid of Olsen, well not really, more Nelson (a big help to the Rays.)  Right now they are garbage except for Johnson and Hanley Ramirez.

Rating 2/10

3.  New York Mets: The best team in this leauge primarily because of their off-season aquisitions of both K-Rod and J.J, they definitley in my opinion have the best eighth to ninth inning combo in the game, and their batting order is pretty solid, except for the second baseman and left fielder. 

As far as ther rotation goes, they have to clear it up. According to reports, they plan to with the extreme probability of getting Lowe and maybe even Perez they look to be set, so this team will probably win NL next year.

Rating 9/10

4.  Philidelphia Phillies: They are sure to be a competeor of the NL Eastern Divison next year.  They have a pretty solid tem as well as the Mets.  I don't think their bullpen is going to be as nearly as good as it was in 2008, but it willl still be descent.

Their batting is phenomanal because they have Utley, who is a machine, they have Howard, who will hit a lot of home-runs, they have Rollins, and they have the newly acquired Raul Ibanez.  As far as pitching is concerned, Hamels is a definite treasure and the rest are fair-to-pretty good.  The Phillies are also playoff and NL contenders.

Rating 8/10

5.  The Wahington Nationals: They actually are what the Marlins were last year, a third place ranking team that will have a shot at the playoffs because both the Mets and Phillies struggled at some points, throughout the season.  They have some deceny in the rotaion, and ther batting is OK.  They wouldve mightily improved if they had signed Mark Teixeria, who ended up with The Yankees. So yeah, they will be an average team.

Rating 4/10