Kansas City Chiefs vs. N.J. Jets: Moving on to New Jersey

John BartramCorrespondent IIDecember 6, 2011

As much as everyone thinks that the Jets play in New York, they don't. They play in New Jersey. .

If they, or the Giants don't want to put New Jersey in front of their name, then build a stadium and move back across the Hudson River. There is no team that plays in one state with the name of another state in front of their name.

Immediately after the Giants won Super Bowl XLII, co-owner Steve Tisch proudly proclaimed, "We play for the City of New York."  Needless to say, that did not go over well with many people in New Jersey.

Both the Jets and Giants play in New Jersey, a good percentage of their players live in New Jersey and many of their fans come from New Jersey. 

The Giants have had their home in N.J. for 36 years. The Jets, who don't even have their own stadium, have been in N.J. for 24 years. New Jersey is the second wealthiest state in the country.

Some of the richest people in the United States live here.

You don't really think those millionaire athletes from New York, or Philadelphia live in those places, do you?

I realize most people in the country don't care. I don't blame you, but you don't live in the shadow of New York City, and Philadelphia. Additionally, in obscurity and the misrepresentation that shows like "Jersey Shore" cast on us.

Obviously, I'm a Kansas City Chief fan. I was born in Kansas City but moved here soon thereafter. I followed the Chiefs ever since because of my father and older brothers.

The Giants have a rich tradition and history. The Jets, not so much.

I can't stand the Jets. If I'm not rooting for the Chiefs to win, I'm rooting for the Jets to lose. Part of that is because of their blow-hard coach and fans that think they are entitled to the Super Bowl, without actually winning it.

The other part of it is because they are in New Jersey. Get out.

New Jersey gave both teams the best deal, the best tax breaks and the worst possible method of getting to a stadium imaginable. At least along with the new stadium, and $15,000 PSL, they built a train station.

This coming year, the New Jersey Nets are moving to Brooklyn, New York. Something tells me they will not keep the name, New Jersey Nets.

I'm asking a big favor of the Chiefs this Sunday. Please, beat the hell out of the Jets. I know it's a lot to ask when you score less points than a soccer team, but please, find a way to pull this one out.

You have no idea of the beating I'm going to take if you don't win. So I'm begging you, pull off the upset.

Let's go Chiefs!!!

Lastly, the Statue of Liberty? It's in New Jersey, not New York.