Emperor Favre Is Naked

Gary WolffContributor IIDecember 26, 2008

Before I solicit the wrath of Favre faithful, let me honor the man. Kudos to Brett Favre.

  • A fierce competitor
  • A fun-loving, genuinely likable personality
  • A record-setting NFL quarterback

OK, now for all of those with blinders on, I, who see Favre naked, would like to fill you in.  Brett is not a great quarterback and is not a Hall of Fame quarterback.  He will make the Hall, don't get me wrong, and it won't aggravate me that he does. 

His incredible ability to stay healthy enough to play every week, and his ability to play at a high enough level to keep a starting job are admirable and potentially worthy enough on their own to earn a spot in Canton, Ohio.

But Farve has been an average quarterback his entire career.  Even when he was winning MVP awards, it wasn't about what he did, but about who he is.  I don't see it.  I see him naked, so I can't explain to you what people see that allows them to distort the facts of what they are seeing into the legend that he has become.

What I do know, is that Favre, even when he won his Lombardy Trophy, was above average at best.  That Superbowl was won for the Packers by Bill Parcells, Reggie White, and Desmond Howard.  Favre did little beyond his basic responsibilities to earn that victory.

Had Parcells not selfishly and hypocritically undermined his commitment to the Patriots by creating a huge distraction about himself; had Parcels not been foolish enough to kick to the ball to the white-hot Howard; and had Reggie White's will not been imposed upon the opposition; it's likely Bledsoe out-performs Favre in the clutch to strip off his clothing for all to see.

Again, I do like Bret Favre.  He is good for the NFL, he is good for Wrangler, and he is certainly a great citizen of our great country.

But he is what he is, and not what everyone seems to make him out to be. 

HOWEVER, if he beats the Dolphins on Sunday, I'm eagerly drinking the kool-aid and will deny claim to this article.

Go Jets!